Does this girl at work like me? Based off these interactions?


I been working at this grocery store for almost 2 months and there this girl in the meat department. She’s high energy friendly to everyone type. I would C her looking at me from time to time when I would look over her way. So I began talking to her (but I never introduced myself, IMPORTANT FOR LATER) over a few interactions over the weeks I noticed

1. I came in from smoking my vape and when I got to the break room she said in like a oooh your in trouble tone “ oh your baaad, those are bad for U , you shouldn’t smoke those

2. Next day I’m walking to vape in the back of the building and I see her come in and put her stuff down, getting ready , talking to a few people. I go a few ft over outside to smoke my vape, she then 20 secs later follows me outside, asks what flavor is that , and if she could see it and reached for it. I then pulled it back and said “ do you wanna see it or touch it, because those are two different things “ and I smirked a little. I asked if she smoked weed or nicotine? She said no but was from Cali and knows a lot. Then later that day she asked how old I was (because I look 17 even though I’m 24). I Told her and she said wow u look really young. At the end of the day she walked past me at the clock out table on the phone , punched out hung up and then took 4 steps stopped, looked at her phone then turned around started walking towards me and said “ you’re leaving already” then kept walking after I said “ yeah , waiting on a manger to verify”

3. Today a lady needed my help right in front of where she worked, I gave her advice and said have a good day after the lady thank’d me. Then as I was walking to the back she jogged over from her meat cutter area and yelled “ Hey what’s ur name “ I said “ mine? “She said yeah. So I told her my name, then asked Y? Then she responded oh well I’m Christine and smiled a tiny bit. I said ok then walked back.

Do U think she likes me? Or is interested? And how would i go about asking for her number?

Does this girl at work like me? Based off these interactions?
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