Girls, Why do girls seem to desperately want a guy that makes them feel negative emotions?

I'm trying to figure out why the majority of girls seem to crave guys that make them feel strong negative emotions more than anything else.

Taking a look at some of the most popular romances, the protagonist gets emotionally attached to a guy that either pisses her off or makes her afraid.

In The Notebook, the couple has heated arguments which devolve into passionate make-out sessions.

The series Maid Sama is an anime for girls still popular after 10 years. The entire dynamic between the main character, Misaki, and her love interest, Usui, is based on him pissing her off every chance he gets. Eventually she breaks down in front of him, asking herself why she's falling for him even though he always annoys her. He then admits that he does it because her reactions are amusing to him, which deepens her adoration for him. Discussions about Maid Sama online are usually about wanting Usui or wishing that guys were like Usui.

In Twilight, Bella doesn't show real attraction to Edward until she finds that he's a vampire who could easily kill her, and that her blood is "his brand of heroin". This makes her afraid for her life, making her attached to him. This drives her into a cycle of tempting him to kill her, which makes her more afraid of him, which fuels her attraction for him, in turn driving her to tempt him further. Millions of girls wanted Edward to be their guy.

I don't think I even need to talk about 50 Shades of Grey.

In reality, I have a friend who brags about pissing off his girlfriends and admits that making girls angry is fun for him. I don't remember the last time he wasn't in a relationship.

While I'm at work, I hear girls talking about their S. O. s being dicks to them, but it doesn't lead to any resolution or an end of the relationship.

Am I missing something here, or do girls tend to willingly confuse negative emotions with chemistry and attraction?
Girls, Why do girls seem to desperately want a guy that makes them feel negative emotions?
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