Does he see me as more than just a coworker? Am I delusional?


I really need your advice because this situation really has a hold on me.
So to sum up: I met this coworker at work a few months ago , we spent a lot of time together at the job because I’m new at the job and he is supposed to incorporate me. These past months we created a "bond“ and built trust with each other I would say..
We get along well and like spending time together at work, at least that what feels like for me.
About a month into the job, we didn’t really know each other that well (compared to now, a few months later), still, he asked my if he could hug me for my birthday, which I found really sweet. The hug itself was slightly shy because I didn’t expect him at all to initiate this kind of physical contact, so I was a bit overwhelmed.
Now a months later, recently we had this office Christmas party. It was a really fun time. We played some games and after we won, he hugged me (it was more aggressive, it felt more like a squeeze) out of happiness. Of course he and I were a bit intoxicated by that time.

At the end of the night I said goodbye to him only verbally. He followed me and asked me if I don’t want to say goodbye properly. I immediately knew that he wanted me to give a goodbye hug. We smiled at each other, I walked towards him and we hugged affectionately. At least it felt more intimate to me than ever.

When I got home he texted me if I got home safely which I found really special.

What do you guys think? Is this only platonic and friendly or does he like me at least a little bit?
I would like to read an outsiders view on this situation.

Does he see me as more than just a coworker? Am I delusional?
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