Should I just leave it?

I met this guy at a club and we danced together. We introduced ourselves for a bit and he asked for my snap then I gave it to him. We also go to the same uni. It didn’t take that long cuz clubbing just finished and i had to go home w my friends.

Two days later, he popped up to me. We were messaging each other but the conversation was dry that it would take us ages to reply. I found it especially hard to maintain a convo w him. That’s when I asked if he wants to meet up and he said yeah.

We then met up a couple days later and I’d say we had a good time. We talked about a lot of things and ate. We were proper getting to know each other. The chemistry was there and it wasn’t as dry as our convos online. By the end of the night he walked me home and even gave me a hug.

The next day, he asked if I can come over at his to have a movie nite and i said yes. We went out for a bit then ate and then went back to his place. When we were watching a movie, we kept a good distance in his bed cuz i’m not the type of girl who would go too far w the guy she just met. Whilst watching the movie, i’d make these reactions cuz i was so invested and he called me cute twice. Then we were talking for a bit and he told me how i was different to other girls. I even put my head on his shoulder and he rubbed my head. It was a chill nite and i had a good time. But he didn’t walk me home which is eh.

A couple days later i asked if i can come over to his for another movie nite and he said yeah. Then that day came and he said we have to reschedule which upset me tbh. After that nothing is really happening and it’s been days. Tbh it’s hard to read him becuz he’s very lowkey and a bit nonchalant but he can be expressive in person. But online convos r just dead and there’s a very little contact between us. I felt like there's nothing much between us

Should I just leave it?
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