Why my boyfriend doesn't let me in his flat?

Hi, we have been together for two years. The last month he doesn't let me in his flat anymore saying it is messy. Yesterday he wanted to buy flowers from flowershop (he said he wants to decorate his flat) and I had to again wait outside the flat door until he brings them in. He has never had flowers for deco in his flat before the last two years. He doesn't want to have sex anymore. We are having a rough time as he says he doesn't know if he finds me attractive and if he loves me. Is he cheating on me? Why would he buy several pot flowers for himself and why now ca 6 timea in total I am not allowed to enter his flat? We see max once per week as he is constantly sick.

Thank you

Flat is messy
He is cheating
Some other reason
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Why my boyfriend doesn't let me in his flat?
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