Why does he go to the bathroom all the time?

I know this guy likes me but anytime we are together more than 30 min he goes to the bathroom, I know he does get aroused and it shows what is he doing.

He told me that I spoiled him coming around him that he would have to stop coming around were I was. I gave that I do not think so look. So he kept on coming around me. this converstation took place as he was coming out of the bathroom.


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  • Hrmm... Could be three things that come to my mind...Well really 2, but I know what you're thinking so Ill add that one...

    For your thought, that he's so aroused by you that he has to go in the bathroom every half hour to whack off...thats a pretty serious sexual addiction.

    My first thought really would be that he just has to go to the bathroom a lot...bladder/prostate/medical problem or something.

    The third thing, which a lot of people pointed out to me when I had a date who did that a lot, was that he was a "functional" coke head who needed to maintain. The guy was pretty out there and I didn't like him that much anyway, so it didn't matter and I never found out the real reason.

    But my initial thought would be that its something medical.

    Oh yeah, just remembered...on my first date with my first bf, he went to the bathroom a lot too...years later he confessed, he was so nervous he was all sweaty...so he kept going to the bathroom to wash his face and hands so that if he built up the courage to hold my hand he wouldn't be all gross and clammy ;)

    • Yeah I was thinking the same thing about being nervous and all but for me my heart beats faster & then I talk too fast haha :)

    • I really think though, that if he really liked being around you, he wouldn't want to have to leave your side no matter how nervous...plus it does look bad to leave all the time, and seeing your quizzical expression when he does makes it that much worse...so he woudlnt do it unless he absolutely had to...thats why medical problem is the likely culprit.

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  • Sounds like his prostate.


  • I vote medical problem.


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