When a guy says that a girl is "cool", what does that mean?

What on earth does this mean in "guy-speak" ? lol

When guys say that a girl is "cool", how is this supposed to be taken? Is this a compliment? Or, just a non-sensical comment?

Because IMO it sounds like the guy may like the girl as a FRIEND...but he doesn't view her romantically. :-/

Any thoughts?


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  • Guy speak is not that complicated, cool means that he thinks the girl is likable and fun. As far as non-sensical, if he uses "cool" as some sort of verbal twitch where everything is cool, then perhaps it meant about as much as clearing a throat, other wise its a compliment. He could see her as a friend or could be interested in more, this comment says little either way, the person to ask would be him.


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  • well it depends, so far it sounds like he's talking in a friend-like way, but he can possibly mean that he is into her, its very complicated and I would need more deeper information to give a better answer such as who he told that the girl is "cool" and whatelse was he talking about. If he told a friend that the girl is "cool" it is more likely meaning he is interested...hope I helped

    • Well, to put the conversation in context: Recently, one of my closest girl friends told me that she had a talk with a guy friend/acquaintance of mine who I have a crush on , and she just casually asked him what he thought about different girls (incl. me). She even told him that she could see him dating me. (yikes!)

      My friend was just naming diffferent girls that he could possibly date & when she mentioned MY name, she told me he that he said: "yeah Mystique is cool".

      Does this help?

  • "She's cool." in guy speak would be:

    I like her, she is an interesting/fun person to be around with/talk to.

    that she is "hip" or is one of those people people find "cool" ; popular maybe?

    Shes a good friend.


    • See...maybe that's what "cool" means in guy-speak.

      But to me (as a woman), saying a girl is "cool" seems almost like an insult! Idk...I'd rather the guy say I was "cute" or "hot" or whatever. "Cool" just makes it seem like I'm a nice "Friend" and a good "girl", but not good enough to date. :-/

      Idk...call me crazy, but this is the impression I get. Like I wasn't even good enough to be considered as a potential gf.

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  • Its a compliment in the friendzone way :/

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