Is she interested in me? or just being nice?

I just want to say thank everyone in advance for taking the time to read this. It is greatly appreciated believe me.

Ok for starters I am a college freshman and I think I met someone who is quite a catch. She was in my 1st semester classes but the class was so large and I had no openings to meet her, I didn't pursue. Well we don't have any classes this 2nd semester but my anthropology class had a joint class with hers, and her and I were put in a group, just her and I. I decided to talk to her. Everything went perfectly fine, she was talkative, smiled the whole time and had good eye contact.

Well after that I added her on facebook and she had detailed responses and asked a lot of questions. She said stuff like "im pretty sure we had bio class together last semester right? I guess this is a good sign. I asked her to study and she gave me her number and said to let her know when I wanted too. Well I texted her and I just wanted to talk to her. We texted all day for a couple of days. On both ends kept exchanging personal questions like where are you from and stuff. I texted her once and she didn't respond for a few hours and then replied by saying "hey sorry it took me forever to respond" and then answered my text. I guess that shows something, I don't want to confuse nice with interested I finally asked if she wanted to get lunch on tuesday at one of the places on campus, she said she'd like to but had to meet a friend and a paper, but asked me if thursday we could. Her text responses seemed sincere and detailed with questions. I even found out my best friend who goes to another university is living with her best friends boyfriend who I have met at my friends university. It just seems like its a good fit I guess.

We met up for lunch and things went well, I sent her a text saying I had fun and that we should study sometime for finals. She replied me too definitely, good luck on your test!. During lunch, I was able to make her laugh the whole time and she was intrigued by my stories I told. I felt like it went just fine, no awkward moments or anything. What I am starting to realize now is that I am really starting to like this girl even though we just met. She just has all the qualities I want in a girl. We are studying sometime later this weekend I believe.

I don't know, I guess I am just excited or something. I totally have the crush bug. Like we had mutual friends, we live surprisingly close, same bday almost, just like small things like that I don't know, I guess I am just trying to understand her. I don't really date often, its not that I am not social, its just I hate getting hurt. I've been badly hurt and lead on before that it has made me cautious.

What do you guys think? Interested or just being nice?
Is she interested in me? or just being nice?
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