Okay since this matters...what's the difference between curvy and overweight or fat?

Okay so since body shape and size does seem to matter to the every day guy and gal...I want to know how people define/describe these categories...




It seems to me that lines that divide these categories are so often shaded by personal opinion and preference...so what's yours? Also, if you could give an example of a person that you think fits within each category that would be helpful.


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  • It's hard to describe, so a picture is the best way.

    These women I consider to be curvy/healthy. They have a little "meat" on their bones, but they are still proportional, hence the word curves. They have defined upper body, mid section, and lower body. Their bodies aren't all just one blob of shape. There is a continuous line/curve.





    These woman I would consider to be overweight. For the reason that I stated the women above are not overweight.





    • Oh my goodness...those pictures were helpful. I think according to your opinion I would most certainly be considered curvy.

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    • Very good examples in the pics.

    • Perfect examples! I don't agree with AlwaysClassy (below). Jennifer Hudson is, to me, extra curvy... but I wouldn't call her overweight. Raven... depends on the day. But their right on with the Obese set.

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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Allow me to give you a great example... I work with two lovely women:

    1. A petite blonde; she's 5 feet in her flat feet, she is pretty, but the Powers that Be cruelly denied her any T & A whatsoever... Still, she does have pretty eyes, a great smile, and she is sweet... and subtle. I could see where many men would find her attractive; just not me.

    2. A tall, curvy brunette, she's almost 6 feet (forget the heels) and she is absolutely delicious, truly. She's got exactly the kind of D-cup breasts that I thank God for every night of my life, and a plump, spankable ass - the funny thing is, she thinks that she is "overweight". In reality, she is red-hot, for her body-type.

    See what I mean about this? My point is find a guy who finds YOU beautiful, rather than some "type" you are being compared to, and you'll find this a much easier "go", if you understand my meaning.

  • Curvy: starting to get interesting, but not usually big enough to be an armful, or good and soft to cuddle. Can be very sexy though.

    Chubby: To me, nice and "snuggly looking" with ample curves, softness, and a lovely "feminine appeal". Usually these women would be over 200lb, but have good muscle structure underneath the "padding". "Cuddle sized".

    I don't like using the word "overweight", and the word "obese" to me means you are heavy to the point of having mobility and breathing problems. The funny thing is, there are scrawny people who have mobility, stamina and breathing problems too.

    I don't care how fat a woman is, if she can briskly climb a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing, and/or she can leg lift 300lbs+ easily (and guys, there are a lot of big girls like this) she is *not* obese.

  • Fat girls have stolen "curvy" from truly curvy girls.

    "Curve" means the curve of a small waist out to the hips. That's it.

    Marilyn Monroe was curvy. So is the cute girl who works at the Taco Amigo near my apartment.

    Overweight and obese have medical definitions.

    • Haha I love this answer

    • Thankyou! I call myself curvy. then I see all of these overweight fat girls calling themselves curvy and it makes ME feel fat. I'm 5'3 and I weigh 115. my waste is small and my behind is worth grabbing. (:

  • Curvy would be someone who has that hour glass body figure but not necessarily think. I.e a good ratio between breast/waist/hips. I usually use the word curvy as opposed to using word sexy, to discribe a woman that is not thin but still sexy to look at.

    An overwieght person can be classified as someone who has a body mass index from 25 to 30. You calculate body mass index by dividing your wiegh (in kg) by your height (in meters). And BMI above 30 is obese.

    In terms of sexiness of a woman, I would classify her as fat when I see bulges on the sides of her stomach and obese when she's just plain round like a ball.

    • Dividing your weight (in kg) by your height (in meters) and comparing it to a scale where over 30 is obese would mean a girl who's 5'10" and 110 lbs (very light) would be 55 / 1,78 > 30 (obese)

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    • BMI of 25 is actually in the healthy range

    • Dazedandconfused2: 25 is the cut-off point from normal to overweight. If you do not believe me, please do some further research. I got my facts from my gymn training reports printout but you can google it I guess. Here is a link I found for you: https://weightloss.about.com/od/obesityhealth/a/blbmi2b.htm

  • overweight as far as I'm concerned is a purely medical term that you'll never hear me describe someones appearance.

    curvy implies hourglass shape. I've seen girls who weighed nearly double what they should for their height but still were sexy because their weight was placed in a way that made it "curvy" which means proportionately correct, hourglass.

    fat/obese is when you're big and not curvy I guess.

  • Curvy means you have a little meat on you and shape to you. Kind of hard to explain. It's a good thing though. Overweight means you weigh more than your height and shape is "suppose" to be. You have a little extra meat on you. Fat/Obese means you have rolls, pudgy face, butt, legs, arms, etc. Just my .02


  • Ill make it simple

    Curvy : Beyonce/ Britney Spears

    Overweight : Oprah/ Missy Elliot

    Obese: Rosey O'donnell / Rosanne

  • This will be more an explanation from an artist then a guy, but here I go :D

    The difference is actually decided by the aestestic pleasantry of the shapes. And that's also where the concept of curves come from. A female figure is build up with by organic shapes, two intersecting large ellipses make up the entire torso area. When we talk about curvy we mean that these shapes have very smooth curves when looking at them.

    What happens in most cases with overweight, fat, or underweight. Is that the curves in the shapes get broken up by hard angles, or small bumps. And that breaks down the smoothness of the overall the shape. So it looses curvyness.

    I would say a lady with amazing curves is Nigella Lawson.

  • curvy = a body size proportion (breast, waist, hip) that men find attractive and lustious. lol

    eg. a high ratio of breast/hip size compared to waist size

    for example. 36-24-36

    overweight = having a 25 to 30 body mass index

    "Fat"/obese = having more than 30 body mass index

  • Curvy = attractive

    Overweight = not attractive

    Fat/Obese = really, really not attractive.

  • Curvy: Large Hourglass.

    Overweight: Box.

    Fat: Penguin.

    That is how I see it. If you curve is outward instead of inward, you are fat. If you have no curves and are not 'thin' then your are overweight.


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  • CURVY-

    Kim Kardashian link

    Summer Walker link


    Raven Symone link

    Jennifer Hudson link


    Nikki Blonsky link

    Mo'Nique link

    • Boy they must feel special. lol

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    • That's a really hot summer walker pic, just really struck me

      great example of curvy

    • It would be way better if her boobs weren't soooo fake, sitting all the way up on her collarbone!! Geez....wayyyy fake.

  • Curvy is more of an hourglass, and a defined waist. here are examples:

    scarjo- link

    Kim K- link


    Kelly Brook- link

    Marilyn Monroe- link


    this is what I consider overweight-

    jen hudson (although she's still beautiful)- link

    jen coolidge- link

    jordan sparks- link

    and this is obese (this life threatening and not to call anyone)

    kristie alley- link

    Rosie O'donell- link

    note: I am not calling any of these woman ugly and do not want to offend anyone.

  • Curvy is when you have a perfectly defined shape, you're not skin and bones and you actually have some meat.

    Ex. Kim Kardashian link or Scarlett Johansson link

    Overweight is when you still have a defined shape, but it tends to be hidden between some 'extra' meat.

    Ex. Princess Beatrice of York link

    Obese is someone that has got a shape but is completely disproportionated due to the big amount of extra weight, therefore doesn't show.

    Ex. Nikki Blonsky link

  • curvy = few lbs overweight but they don't look "fat"

    Overweight = 10-15lbs over weight

    Obsese/fat = 15+ lbs overweight

    • I have known people who were much more then 15 pounds overweight, but still looked curvy, because that weight was placed in the right places....just a thought....

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    • Curvy doesn't mean that your over weight. its the way your bone structure is made and the way your body carries the weight. its just he truly fat chicks have stolen curvy when reallyt their fat.

    • Curvy doesn't mean a few pounds overweith.

  • fat is when you've got excess body fat, and it makes you look a little pudgier.

    overweight is a lot of fat, and obese is dangerously fat.

    here's where it's different... a lot of times, magazines will say that people who are fat are just curvy. but that's not really it... curvy is big hips. you can not be fat and have big hips.

  • I used to be curvy and now I'm overweight and fat... I do not care... in 2 years time, I expect to get down to 90 pounds.

    Curvy: nice well rounded boobs, firm buttox, soft feminine facial features

    Overweight: Moderately beautiful but not cute or sexy, people notice you for your personality and intellect

    Fat: Cellulite on your body... distortions in skin texture, people notice you 100% for your personality

    Really the best judge is you because you know what you look like naked...

    • I don't see any correlation between your weight and personality, a curvy girl can be noticed for her personality and intellect as well. Furthermore an overweight or obese person could be stupid or have a dull personality. Curvy, Overweight and Fat are just words used to describe a person's weight.

    • 90 pounds is.. wow umm very skinny..

      hmm, and I have seen very very thinn girls with cellulite on there bodie.. I'm pretty sure you and I have it.. its just natrual.. and the only way to get rid of it would be just not to worrie about it.. :)

      just be healthy and happy