I eat way to little, need som adivce how to eat more?

For some reason when im very focused on training and extra healthy eating (i eat healthy anyway, but in these periods i eat even healthier) i end up eating way to little.
What i typical do in these "extremely healthy" periods is work out 1 1/2-2 hours 5-6 times a weak and its mostly strenght training. I have a diet that has a lot of protein and little carbs. It might sound okay, but i tend to eat very little of low calorie food. This isn't really something that i control, i normally dont even think about it, but i either get tired/bored of eating or i think i eat a lot, but its low carb + its way to little for someone that work out as much as me. I dont know what it is, when i eat healthy and work out a lot i automatically eat less.
Since my goals is to get very strong and fit, eating less than i do in my "non-extrem diet" doesn't help me reach my goal at all, so that end with me quitting because i'm not getting the results i want.
I know what to eat, but i have problems getting myself to eat enough. anyone that can give some advice on how to eat more? I also get very tired and grumpy in these periods becausei bacilly go hungry all the time or have very low bloodsugar all the time
I eat way to little, need som adivce how to eat more?
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