Why Is It OK To Criticize Skinny People?

I'm not skinny or thin although I would love to be,probably won't ever happen.Anyways,I've been both underweight and over weight and one thing I don't understand after reading a post yesterday,is why is it OK to criticize skinny people but heaven forbid someone criticizes an overweight person because all hell breaks loose.

When people talk about skinny girls or models,anorexic,vomiting,bulimic,starving and drugs are thrown out,as though there is just no such thing as idk,naturally skinny individuals.I think this is an American thing where people in America assumes everyone is suppose to be a fat*ss.

Yet,if people are talking about an overweight person,heaven forbid lazy,over compulsive eating,fat,and unattractive get thrown in there because it is time to call Oprah because we all know that all these supposed hormonal issues only exist in America and no where else and it is just not impossible that someone could be overweight because they actually over eat and never exercise and blame hormones being put into milk etc.I'm not saying there is no such thing as mia or ana,but not every single skinny person has either or both.

Why is it OK to criticize a skinny person but not a fat person?With over weight people we are suppose to walk on eggshells and tip toe around their feelings but with skinny people it's perfectly fine to get away with saying cruel things.

Also,I know on here,a lot of women like to see certain body types,hair colors,nationalities or famous women insulted and a lot of the guys on here gladly do so to make those insecure females feel bad about themselves,but I'm asking for real opinions
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Oh yea,I'm not fat or overweight,I'm at a good weight,but I think it's ironic how people can criticize one size but not the other.
Why Is It OK To Criticize Skinny People?
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