Are you surprising anyone with gifts this Christmas?


Tbh, my fam is ungrateful af and don’t deserve shit. I taught em a lesson one Christmas but had to hear them pout, the following year. Still, I figured I’d make them think the same for this holiday. But i actually bought them some nice stuff (just not $300+ each like that one Christmas). I’ve been hiding it all over the house and ordered everything online so its been shipped almost daily. My fam talks noise like “Yippee another package for you! You never think about anyone else.”
The attitudes have been killing me because I wanna send all the shit back. But i think I’d feel better by making them feel bad on Christmas day when I tell them that the packages were for them THE WHOLE DANG TIME. Atm they assume I’m just adding to my film collection (in which I am) but only like 25% of it is for me. Then i got a gaming chair that I gotta send back cause its like built for someone with no hips/thighs. My skateboard is coming later this month and my snowglobes are on the way. But like i said, i put the little bastards first. They should be happy once the find out. Its not like they’re buying me anything. 🤣

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Im pretty pissed that one of my snowglobes got broken by dumbass fedex/ups throwing the package. But my other one turned out cute although its smaller than i preferred
Are you surprising anyone with gifts this Christmas?
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