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2 mo

Guys, are women after 40 still desirable or attractive? Ladies, as you get older do you still feel attractive? Why/why not?

I hit a couple rough spots accepting my aging but I usually get over it. I have had the most attention after the age of 45 while I was invisible in my 20's. Dating

1 y

Is it ok to really hate my ex boyfriend?

Being angry helps but don't get stuck in it. Therapy is a good thing. Use the anger you have right now to get out and do what you've been putting off or haven't dealt with. On the your 30 so... Relationships

1 y

How to deal with panic attacks?

Get a full medical check up including lab checks for low iron, b12, thyroid, adrenals and hormone levels to make sure there isn't anything medical behind the anxiety attacks. Some people have a... Health & Fitness

1 y

Is it the man's job to sponsor the wedding costs?

Just have a cheap wedding because it's just the party before the real stuff. Marriage & Weddings

+1 y

Would you date a feminine guy?

If he is monogamous and a good person probably. Most men as they age mellow anyway so I don't see really the difference. I just read recently that bi men tend to rate better as partners and dads.... Dating

+1 y

Do you think cheating women and cheating men are the same?

Same. We've just been taught that women are supposed to be the more caring gender Relationships

+1 y

Is it wrong to want love and attention from my man?

just ask him for exactly what you want. Be specific. If after a few tries if you get nowhere ask him why. If he says this is just the way he is then ask him if he is willing to get help to change.... Dating

+1 y

What would you do if your partner stormed away during an argument?

Let him go. Life it too short for to be with someone who isn't communicative. Relationships

+1 y

Have you ever cheated on a partner?

No it would eat my soul. Either leave if I'm unhappy with my current partner if I had one or be honest with my partner if I felt I was wavering or just put a lid on it Relationships

+1 y

Why has my boyfriend of 6 years turned into a selfish jerk? It's like he is the woman!

You might need couples therapy to find out if your relationship is fixable. Better to do it quick Relationships

+1 y

Should you start off as friends with a girl you like?

To me hanging out as friends when you want to date someone feels a bit off especially if there is a strong attraction. I do think friendship is a component of a good relationship. One has to have... Dating

+1 y

Should I be supportive/optimistic about my mom dating a much younger guy? I so how can I change my mindset to become that way?

As hard as it is for you to understand as long as the guy is a good guy you have to let it run it's course. Now if you get any sense he's not a good guy then you can voice your concerns once or... Dating

+1 y

Would you be in a relationship with a younger guy?

At 27 I went out with a 21 year old man. Short lived due to his personality not age. Younger than me, at my age, is middle age. I would if the timing was right meaning we were on similar... Relationships

+1 y

Guy I’m dating is a mean drunk. I'm not sure what to do. Any advice?

Break up immediately. He's an alcoholic with abusive tendencies. Relationships

+1 y

How do you flirt with a face mask on?

It is harder to read people with a mask on but I've always read people by their eyes. It's about using your brain to be playful with words and the lilt of your voice. Also, it is about having... Flirting

+1 y

Girl won’t stop playing hard to get? Should I make her jealous?

Let her go this woman is too much work if she really is playing a game. Literally life is too short. Go find someone else. Dating

+1 y

What Usually Loses The Romance First In A Relationship: "Love" or "Sex"?

I’m not big on romance. I prefer daily kindness, honesty and commitment to the relationship. Relationships

+1 y

When clubbing with your partner, would you want your partner to dance with others or not?

I’m kind of possessive about club dancing. If I came alone with a man I want just the both of us to dance together. If it was a group of friends it might be different but alone no. Relationships

+1 y

Is romance dead? Do you want it to be? Is time for a resurrection? Or was it all too cliché in its last incarnation and it needs a major revamping?

I'd say romance is a bit over rated. For me it's the daily things a man does. Does he help me unexpectedly. Would he come help me if my car broke down or send someone who can help me. Does he... Dating

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