Why didn't my boyfriend of 6 months not get me anything for Valentines Day? :(

I've been with my boyfriend for six months. His good points are that he makes me laugh, he does care about me a lot (at least I hope) and he's reliable. However, he takes the mick out of me a lot and sometimes I get fed up with it, mainly because I'd like to see a more affectionate side to him. Even his mum has told him that he needs to be more caring, but I don't want to say I agree with her!

He doesn't like Valentines day, mainly because he split up with his ex girlfriend of 2 years and that it's a money-making scheme. I understand where he's coming from; I'm quite maintenance and just a card would have made my day. He even said he would buy me a card and flowers the day before he was coming up to see me ( I go to University 3 hours away) but only because he “doesn’t want me to feel left out.”

I said to him: “Get me something because you want to, not just to shut people up.” I never expected anything extravagant, just a simple card.

Well, on Valentines day I got a Blackberry message saying: “Happy Valentines Day Beautiful, Love you loads and loads, Thanks for making the past 6 months epic :) xxx” which really made me smile, but the fact was that when he came up to see my two days before Valentines Day he hadn’t even made the time to get a single card.

I casually asked why he hadn't, and he said “he didn't have time,” because he was getting back from his University to catch the train to see me.

I'm slightly hurt he never got me anything, just because he doesn't like the day. He said he'll buy a present for me any day he likes, but Valentines Day has been the first time this year he's ever sent me an affectionate text.

I don't know what to do. Please help me. I wish he'd tone down his piss-taking because I feel like I'm going out with my brother! He doesn't send sweet texts anymore, just piss-taking ones and I've started being less-conversational. I'm asking for a complete change. I hate corny stuff, but the occosioal “I'm thinking about you,” “love you lots” etc etc would be lovely.

Is he going off me?
Why didn't my boyfriend of 6 months not get me anything for Valentines Day? :(
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