Attention Seekers, the good and the bad and the different kinds

There are many ways to be an attention seeker. There are probably many more but here's a few listed below.

-The girl on facebook, showing her ass or cleavage...or worse

Attention Seekers, the good and the bad and the different kinds.

- The girl on tumblr, complaing about how someone looked at her the wrong way so she must be ugly!

- The guy who says "Oh I must be ugly since I can't get a hook up"

- The guy who just HAS to enter his problems upon other peoples problems.
Example: Person A- "My mom just died last night."

Attention seeker= "I know what you're going through, my dog and my grandmother died a few years ago, still can't get over it." (this was a real thing that happened to me too, my family friend said it to my mom)

There is nothing more annoying to me than an attention seeker. Some people do drugs for it, some post provactive pictures, some just send a shit ton of nudes! There are also the ones who bury their feelings in sex.

Then there's the people who complain, whine and stomp, throwing a hissy fit until they get called Beautiful or Talented, or people take pity on them.

There are some good out comes like someone makes a friend, which always good as long as they're real! Or that someone got the help they needed, wheather it be from a friend or a therapist or anti depressants.

Then there's the bad attention, your father calling you a whore, your nudes getting leaked, rumors going around that you have an STD from fucking one too many people.

I have seen way more female attention seekers than males but the males are slowly catching up. Lately, its been my male friends complaining about their friends dogs death years ago or that they think since i dont want to fuck them, they must be ugly. Well its obviously the reason why I dont wanna fuck them. If you can't tell, that was laced with sarcasm.

I mean, just cause someone finds someone else attractive, doesn't mean theyre gonna wanna fuck them. My friend thinks he's ugly, when he is adorable, just cause I dont want to date him.

My female friends and female strangers have been so much more confident and down to earth and plain out badass than the guys I am encountering.

Sure it is the guys and girls both, probably equally but people need to stop attention seeking if it is for a bull shit reason.

If you think you're ugly, change what you dont like so YOU feel better about yourself. If you think you're depressed but do nothing but complain to your friends, please, PLEASE, visit a therapist. If you're telling all your friends how suicidal you are, you need to stop and call a suicide hotline.

Attention seeking people just need to stop with what they're doing, grow a pair and be confident. It is easier said than done but it is possible.


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  • i hate what the internet has done to human attention. its all wrong. peoples aspirations are ass backwards, and they act like if everyones doing it that means they're headed forwards, that makes it right. it doesn't. it just makes it a whole lot worse. Having places like facebook and tumblr and even sites like this full of plenty of other people just as eager to whore and manipulate and pander for attention, its not good at all, it teaches you that its normal. Its like making a safe space for pedophiles to talk shop, discuss the hottest 12 year olds and share their porn collections. Nothing good can come of it. And i'm not saying attention whoring should be illegal as a moral deterrent, i'm just saying there's clearly nothing stopping people from celebrating being complete excrement caked pieces of human garbage as long as there's other human garbage to celebrate with. Sooner or later we have to address exactly what aspects of ourselves are being shared on social networks, because it seems to me that everything vile and evil now has endless company and thats about the only aspect thats being connected


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  • If people sent nudes, need constant response from others they are pretty then i don't hate them instead i pity them.

    Every single one of us want to feel gorgeous. I mean when someone says you are pretty don't you feel great then?

    Some are just plain narcissistic and do it as a ego boosts when they already know they are gorgeous, but i think most people who do it just want to know how they really look like in others eyes.

    I do not know if i am pretty or ugly. I feel more ugly. I look sleep deprived and have tons of acne, i also feel very fat. But i have boyfriend so i guess i am not ugly enough to break mirrors or something. So i guess i am a attenton seeker.

    Most attention seekers are just insecure.. Instead of hating it is better to make them feel better about themselves.

    Spread love not war people~


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  • You clearly don't understand depression, at all.

    And do you realize you're actually complaining about complainers? That's gotta be some kind of hypocritical record breaker. Do you honestly believable that complaining to complainers is going to make complaining go away? rofl

  • Yeah I can't stand people so desperate for attention, especially some of my make friends who take Facebook too seriously by making statuses saying if your my friend, post a great memory we shared or I'm deleting you.

    Then in a girls case, my biggest annoyance is when I'd talk to some girls on dating sites who would string you along for a week or two and once you ask them out they're like oh I'm skeptical about meeting people I talk to online or sorry I'm not looking to date. It's like then why the fuck are you talking to me in the first place. Not that I'm entitled to them or a date but it's like they're assuming everyone else is just on there for attention and it's a waste of time.

  • her face is censored but not her name 😂

    • lol I noticed that too

  • Yep, I am definitely an attention seeker. Now symphathize with me!

  • Well, I say live and let live ;)

  • Nice take 💛💕

  • "your internet" and "my internet" are all the same thing, lol. we all use the internet, just some use different providers


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  • Then there are the every other day illness/injury type. Ridiculous.