Both GIrls and Guys.. How many people here know how to drive stick shift or want to learn?

Both GIrls and Guys ..How many people here know how to drive stick shift or want to learn?

Who here can drive stick or want to learn how. Also for some guys (almost most) if YOU woman can drive stick.. that is an automatic turn on ;)

For girls who drive stick... i heard this was tough.

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And i forgot to add the 3rd option but it would "WANT to learn"


Most Helpful Girl

  • I drive a truck at work with an 18 speed transmission.

    • oh whaaaat. you're a truck driver? I can't imagine driving those lol. My friends dad is a truckdriver. It must suck to stall one of those things haha

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    • Not always.

    • it worked that time aha. well good luck with everything :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • I gained a lot of experience by driving my stick shift Toyota through San Francisco when I was stationed across the bay in Alameda.

    Knowing how to drive a stick is very useful. Once when needing to make a cross country move in the month of August, I was given a choice between two U-Haul vans.

    1) a 24 foot van with automatic transmission and no air conditioning

    2) a 26 foot van with a manual transmission and having air conditioning

    Having this skill under my belt, meant I did not have to roast through a 1400 mile journey, in August, without air conditioning.

    • yeah knowing how to drive stick is usefull. I always tell people to learn stick first then go to auto. I mean if you ever wanted a Lamborghini before 2006... You would have to know stick shift ;)

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What Girls Said 3

  • My dad says he going to teach me!

    • nice!!! :) i'm sure you will like it but will get frustrated a bit, but don't worry you will get the hang of it.

  • I don't know how but I plan on learning though, seems like a valuable piece of knowledge

  • I spent over a year trying to learn to drive and failed :(

    It wasn't the gear changes and all that I had a problem with though, I just have awful spatial awareness and planning skills

    • don't be sad and don't give up! What ever you did wrong you can correct and become better at. Practice is all it takes. I believe 120% You can do it!!!

      What did you not do good? like space as in parking or driving space?

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    • Haha thank-you ^_^ . I hope so :)

    • yup, just believe in yourself :)

What Guys Said 3

  • Yup, but I've never driven automatic. I like stick because when I am going on a downhill for example I can shift to a lower gear without putting my foot on the gas and the car slows down by itself and I don't have to constantly hit breaks ^^

  • Well I know what I'm doing now lol

  • Growing up in farmlands I learned on an old stick truck. But now, is been years since I've driven a stick is probably stall it a few too many times.

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