He says that he's falling for me?

What does that mean exactly? I recently gotten into this new relationship with this amazing guy after dating him for a while. Though we haven't been together long (2 months), we have progressed a lot as a couple (i. E. Meet each other's friends/family, slept over, etc).

Early after we first got together, he said that he "thinks" he's falling for me. Recently he said that he now "KNOWS" that he's falling for me.

See now the thing is. What does "falling" really mean? Is he implying that it's love? Or that he's just really into this relationship?


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  • Just look into his face when he says that, if he looks very serious then he means every word of it, he said that he thinks he falls for you at the beginning which means that the guys is really deeply thinking about getting involved with you in something like a relationship, you know and I know that love comes after a relationship and not the opposite that if we think like amatures. After that he explained his feelings frankly that he sure about what he wants to do which is getting deeper with you. So lets assume that you were dating when he said first that he falls for you then it means he wants to be with you in a relationship, then for sure the next thing would be the start of loving you frankly expressed by him when he said I know that I'm falling for you.

    Most important thing now is that are you having the same feelings for him! I mean are you enjoying this relationship and welling to keep it running! Then love is the next phase for both of you cause honestly I think your man is wheeling to keep this relationship too! Try to find out by asking how he feels about this relationship and what he wants from it in the future! Hope this would help you out :-)


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  • It means he really, genuinely likes you. For me, "falling" for someone isn't a describable experience, which is probably why the english language uses such a generic term for it, but for me it means I've gotten past the "new girl" phase, have done some serious thinking, and realized that I don't want to just be two people who date, I want more.

  • Most of the time when a guy says that, it means that he falling in love with you.


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  • he really likes you and he knows it! he is not afraid of how he feels or to tell you. girl, you definitely have a good one, but don't over-react. keep doing what youre doing; no more, no less. whatever you're doing it's working & keep doing it. matter of fact. can you give some advice about that. how to make a guy fall. lol!

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