Boyfriend for almost a year hasn't taken me on a date. Should I end it?

So I'll try to keep it short and sweet. I've been dating this guy for almost a year and he has not taken me out once. A little bit of background: we've made it clear that our relationship will never be very long (like forever long) because we will both be in different countries in the next few years. However we decided to be exclusive anyways. He is really sweet. He texts all the time- pretty much all day. When I'm upset about something he is considerate and attentive. He says all the right things and when I'm with him I'm happy. But I can't help but feel horribly disappointed by his lack of effort. On my birthday he made no effort to make any sort of plan. I didn't get a card, or flowers, a gift. Nothing. He hasn't taken me out to eat, or doing anything outdoors.. See a movie. Its not even about the money (which he has plenty), but it does bother me that he doesn't care to do anything I enjoy. And it's even more troublesome that he knows it's making me unhappy. Every time we see eachother- we have sex. And anytime I stay over at his place, or he stays at mine... He leaves in the morning. Like he doesn't want to just hang out with me. We get up, shower, get ready and go our separate ways. It sucks. It really sucks because he says he loves me and when I bring it up to him... He says he will try to be better and claims its his anxiety that keeps him from doing things (he takes meds) While it's true that he is a creature of habit (he only goes to his classes, friends house, or he's just home), his anxiety doesn't seem to really keep him from doing things HE wants to do. I try to be the best girlfriend I can be- but I don't know what more I can do. I don't feel like he really loves me. I don't feel like he really knows me. I already mentioned ending things with him.. And he said to give him another chance, that he loves me, etc. He says to give him more time. I don't want to waste my time with someone who doesn't care about me.
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I know that wasn't short. I guess I got carried away-- thanks for reading :-)
Boyfriend for almost a year hasn't taken me on a date. Should I end it?
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