Is she confused and afraid to leave her boyfriend or is she just using me for support?

So I used to work in say LA and around April 09 , a new coworker joined my office.

We would get along fabulously well, but were both dating other people at that time

I had been in a long term relationship while she had just gotten together with her new Boyfriend who was about to move to LA from a distant city (say NYC) for her

Few months later (July), I had to move to a different city (Say Philly) (close to NYC) 2 days prior to that, she came over to my house (My Girlfriend was out of town) along with another co worker for a farewell booze session.

A few hours later, the other coworker passed out while we kept drinking and chatting all night long. We did get a little touchy feely (playing around with her hair, holding hands ) but no sex.

The next day, I asked her to come over to my official farewell, and she refused. I coaxed her a bit so she finally did come but acted aloof all evening.

Anyway, I moved to Philly , but we ended up staying in touch over emails. Meanwhile, I had broken off from my Girlfriend (long story, but she was verbally and at times physically abusive, although I must admit that I never had the strength to call it quits until I met this girl)

Over the course of the next few months, the frequency of our conversations kept increasing to almost 100+ emails and 30-40 texts a day. (by then, she had moved in with her BF)

We had a special connect which we both kinda realized and eventually, (~nov09) I did end up telling her that I have feelings for her, and given how compatible we are, it's just unfortunate I met her a tad too late.

After another 1-2 months, she told me that she is unhappy with her current job so I offered to help her find a new one.

Eventually, she ended up getting a job in my new firm through my internal referral so she she recently (3 weeks ago) moved to DC

As luck would have it, her Boyfriend managed to get a transfer too but with no options in Philly, he moved to NYC (close enough for weekend travel)

And it's been a mess ever since.

Her Boyfriend hates me (obviously) and she has told me that they have fought on a couple of occasions because of me. (but I know it has been more often than just a few)

Anyway, I helped her find a house and am helping settle her in.

Admittedly, I have been a lovefool and I have even gone out of my way to pick her up every morning, bring her over to my place so that she can have breakfast. After office, we go back to my place where I make dinner for her before I drop her.

Last weekend, the Boyfriend came over for the weekend and we met over a few drinks.

Anyway, after our outing, I went to drop them both to their hotel and on the way back was when I realized I can't handle this any longer.

So the next evening (after he left), I told her that I am in love with her but the current situation is extremely unfair to me so I have no choice but to move on once she has settled.

Next morning when I met her, she broke down, so I told her that you'll have to let me move on.

What next?
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My bad for the typo above - She has moved to Philly (same town as I) and not DC

The Boyfriend managed to get a transfer to a city close by (NYC)

Also, just to add, I am not from the US, but used LA/ NYC/ Philly as examples for pointers to dist
Is she confused and afraid to leave her boyfriend or is she just using me for support?
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