FWB relationship but he seems jealous

I don't know if I'm reading the signs right, but I think my FWB guy is getting jealous over me having dinner with friends. He & I never date, hell he does not even want to be seen with me in public, but the other week I had a dinner out with friends, as it turns out it was two guys and another woman so I guess it looked like a date (which it was not). Anyway my FWB saw me out, he didn't say one word to me, in fact I didn't even see him looking in my direction. But later that night I got a phone call from him and the first words out of his mouth were tell me the truth, I can handle the truth. What were you doing with that guy. And later he told me I had to make up my mind about what I was going to about that guy. I told him flat out that I was not interested in that guy he's just someone I work with.

My problem is this, if he is jealous and does not want me to be seeing other people why will he not take me off the market so to speak. This is not the first time he has acted like this in fact it's the third time in three weeks that he has questioned me about what I was doing and with who, and if I was with someone else. Do you think he is falling for me or do you think he just does not trust me.
FWB relationship but he seems jealous
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