Would you forgive a cheating that took place many years ago?

Like maybe more than 30 years ago, move on or still can't forget the cheating?

My dad cheated on my mom while he was still married to her and me and my siblings were young. As a resul we had another sibling. My mom indeed suffered for it and they fight all the time I remember that. The years went by the family embrace my sister and she was welcome into the family, especially because my half sister mom died while she was in her 20´s. We did not see her very often just from time to time whenmy dad bring her with her to visit us on the weekends and also the siblinbg took some family trips with the family, few times.

My dad passed away 6 years ago and since he died my half sister started to get distant from us as the only reason she stoped by my house to visit was due to my dad mostly. Now this sibling became a mother herself this year and we throw her a small baby shower in the family and we jsut met the baby, my very first niece. Im a Catholic and even though I never accepted my dad cheating my mom because my mom suffered a lot and when she fight with my dad for it she took pills to relax when she fight with dad. Years and time had passed and my mom well she forgave my dad and accepted the daughter when she was alreayd grown up but like a saying "she forgave but not forget what happened many years ago".

The thing is one of my autns (mom sister) she is very Christian, goes to church and a bit close minded in certain beliefs. She is against gay stuff, she does not like early 20´s boys or girls having tattoes, as a tattoo makes a person look cheap and with a doubtable background, of course she is against giving birth control pills against teenagers as that is like allowing teenagers or young people to have more sex and forher that is not acceptable.

An of curse she is against 100% cheating regardless of the cause that makes a pereson cheat on their partner. She says God is against adultery and we are going to be punish for that.
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My aun know of course the history my mom had with my dad when he cheated on her and impregnate the mother with my half sister. I was telling her that today that my half sister was coming to the house so she can introudce to some relatives her new baby, she wanted us to meet her. So my aunt told me " "Your mom is a saint. Maybe becuse Im narried. Knowing that my husband is dating another lady while being married and have kids with her must be hard to swallow. when the relationship is not going
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God is very focused in regards of adultery and the Catholic church not even preaches about it when they lecture their followers" Like I said my aunt is a Christian not a Cahtolic, as the way Christian preaches is totally different than now Catholic priests preaches their followers. I mean the cheating took place more than 25 years bu tmy aunt like make me believe that how come my mom forgave my dad and that God do not accept adultery.- I told my aunt that happened long time ago peopel move on.
Would you forgive a cheating that took place many years ago?
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