Is my boyfriend having incest fantasies?

My boyfriend (23) and I (22) have been living together for 6 months. He always takes care of me and our home. I am more careless type. He cooks, cleans and takes care of me in all ways. He says I am like a baby. But seems like he enjoys doing those things most of the time.

2 weeks ago I had to go to different country due to the certain circumstances. We call each other everyday throughout the day.

Today I had a dream we had a baby and I messaged me. He called me and asked “babe did you change your clothes? It is the same red shirt you was wearing 3 days ago”.

I got upset and said I am not his daughter and stop treating me like a baby. I know when I should change my clothes.

Soon he asked me, “babe, I don’t understand is there something that happened in your dream? Why do you keep saying I treat you like my daughter, is there something I did to our daughter that made you jealous?”

Why would he ask this question or even have this thought in his mind?
Is my boyfriend having incest fantasies?
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