Move away with girlfriend for her career or stay in hometown?

So my girlfriend graduated with a degree in chemical engineering this past may. Due to the ongoing pandemic she has not found employment in our home state of Illinois & we are getting to the point where relocating may he her only option for getting a job. She currently lives with her mother by the way while I live in a student apartment with a room mate. I am a certified mental health counselor full time currently with a handful of connections in my time & will be graduating with a degree in social work in December of this year. I also have a strong support system of family & friends here & have lived here my whole life. Meanwhile she has a significant amount less of things holding her back in comparison. She came here from Europe many years ago with her mother & sister who aren't that close with her & her best friend is soon being sent back to her home country. As this situation escalates I'm forced to ask myself the challenging question of if I should stay in my hometown where my career, schooling & support is & let her leave or leave my life in my hometown behind to go support her? I am planning to do a master's program for social work but am open to an online program which wouldn't make a difference wherever I were to be. What is the best option in this case? Is the thought of staying behind selfish?
Move away with girlfriend for her career or stay in hometown?
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