True or false: women fall in love, men fall in lust?

We all know that men don't really value love as much as women. They like companionship, possession and sex. Women love unconditionally while men love with conditions they only love what they benefit from being with you and they love the way women make them feel in other words, they love your actions rather than you but if you cut off all cooking, cleaning, sex etc. Watch if the love is still there?

Women are mostly seeking love and commitment while most men are only seeking sex and "friends with benefits" relationships women are judged more by looks so that's what men go after first more than anything rather than thinking about whether or not she will make a good wife/girlfriend they chase the women who challenges them and withhold sex from them until they have invested a lot of money and time on them but once that happens, then they will slowly begin to love because they've invested so much into them.

Men don't love women it's all about the lust which is why they're more unfaithful than women.

Women fall in love too easily because they're seeking love and validation from men while most men just want to hit it quit it.
True or false: women fall in love, men fall in lust?
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