Created fake snapchat to see if boyfriend would cheat?

So far there's nothing bad. He admitted to having a girlfriend when asked and when asked about exchanging nudes he questioned it. He wondered whether the account was fake or some weirdo posing as someone else. I have to send a vid with voice proving that I'm a girl. (not gonna use my voice). Asked if he'd like to get nudes if I proved I'm real and he said no, we will see.

I think he might budge but confirm or refute my suspicions. It's just sometimes at least now, he'll have his phone acting like he's waiting for someone to text him or send him a message on something.

he did agree to be my friend though. That's an issue him being too friendly and befriending girls even over guys yet he claims he doesn't trust anyone.
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surprisingly he text me today telling me what happened. The only reason I feel like he did that is maybe because he thought someone was testing him or something. He said the account asked to send nudes and he said no, that he had a girlfriend. He did say that somewhat in the chats but he also said we will see when I asked again acting as the girl. He's leaving stuff out
Created fake snapchat to see if boyfriend would cheat?
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