Have you ever been or exploited a "friend" sexually for money?

I am under the impression that because I was so open minded and interested in dating men of whatever race so long as they were mentally, physically and emotionally in tune with me. That the few friendships I had was basically based upon providing me as a friend for a single man.
I only allowed this to happen with one guy after I saw a patterned behaviour and I had to ask myself what this friend may have gotten out of the situation when she was financially not stable and not appearing to pay for things when we were once in holiday.
In another situation I seemed to have befriended someone who was put herself out there. And I saw a different side to her when she was allowing a guy to pleasure her on a sofa when we were out clubbing. I immediately left out of sheer disgust.
I don't know what was wrong with her and it was the last time I stayed over at her house especially when since she was more interested in ditching me to hook up with this guy.
I don't know maybe I'm just too naive for all this life crap. But it seems that I'm always getting taken in by these exploiters.
Have you ever been or exploited a "friend" sexually for money?
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