I don't know what I feel?

Ok so long story short, there's this guy I've known since grade 5. I kinda talked to him in elementary but I got closer to him in sec 1 and 2. Now I'm in sec 3 and I literally don't talk to him. The only time I have any sort of interaction with him is when I'm with one of my friends who's pretty close to him but only as a friend. So yeah I think I like him but I'm not really sure. Like in movies and animes, when someone likes another person they blush and their heart starts beating faster etc. Literally none of that happens to me. I can talk to him like everybody else (that's if I actually get to talk to him). I also have this other friend who always hangs out with him. I think I get jealous when I see them together cuz I'm kinda getting the feeling that he likes her. Honestly, I don't know... If anyone knows what I'm actually feeling or about how I can get closer to him, please tell me...
I dont know what I feel?
I don't know what I feel?
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