Can femcels (female Incels, women who cannot get sex or a relationship) really exist?

Once again, I ask this question. Do femcels really exist? Are there some biological women who, no matter what, cannot get a guy to date them or sleep with them? I won't make this a poll, because I really want people to answer. Explain why or why not.

Personally, considering an "incel" is "involuntarily celibate," I don't think you can claim to be a "femcel" when you're still choosing to dismiss men (not even male incels, but perfectly good men) for stupid criteria or claiming "I just don't feel a spark" or some nonsense. That's not to say, you should date someone you're not attracted or interested in. But don't call yourself a "femcel" or incel just because your standards are too high, or that you even have standards at all.

Standards are a GOOD thing to have. But your standards are too high if you've never met anyone who can achieve these standards, or worse, you yourself don't even come close to these standards.

So no. I don't think women in their late 30s and older, who are 3s and 4s in looks, can whine and complain about being "involuntarily single" when they're still expecting six foot+ Chads to come in and rub their feet while feeding them chocolate, and how any man less than that is "just using/abusing" her.

Or in short: I don't think femcels can exist, nor do the women claiming to be one, deserve any sympathy. This is once again, certain women trying to copy something from men, and then claim to want more attention from it than the ones they stole their schtick from.
Can femcels (female Incels, women who cannot get sex or a relationship) really exist?
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