Should I go to dinner with my ex boyfriend?

Hey everyone so my boyfriend left me 2 weeks ago for personal problems. He was tired, sad, and felt bored. He swore I was not the issue and has made an effort to stay friends. the first week of being friends we hung out, held hands, kissed etc. It was like we were dating with no label and we both agreed it needed to stop. So we did. He didn't know what he wanted, he said he felt numb and depressed. A few nights ago he said leaving me made him feel even worse and that I was not the issue at all but that he knew he couldn't get into a relationship with me until he figured out his issue. He said he wanted to prioritize his mental health. I was super upset but also really understanding. I have gone minimal contact with him for about 2 days now and have done my best to give him space and distance to figure out his life. Today he invited me to dinner, said he had an extremely hard day and wanted a hug and to see me. I understand we broke up but we have love for each other and he has stayed loyal completely anyways. Do I go and risk getting my hopes up? Do I go and remind myself its just a friend and not expect anything. Or, do I say no and risk him being upset or thinking i've moved on.

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Should I go to dinner with my ex boyfriend?
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