I’m pregnant with this guys baby - he wants to keep it but I hear he’s abusive?

I’ve been seeing this guy for 3 months. That is it 3 months. I don’t know everyrhjng about him that I’d like too. Also from breaking the news that I’m breaking with him to a friend she knows his ex and apparently he used to beat up his ex girlfriend and I’ve seen photos now. I’m 20 coming 21, he is 25 coming 26. I always said 25/26 is the age I think is perfect for having a child, maybe even 24. But I’m 20 and of course emotionally I want the child but logically I don’t think I can afford it? I make less than 1k a month, he is homeless got kicked out by his mom and lives in a van right now and just drives around selling drugs trying to make a living and money. He has no bank card he has to give me cash for everything and he’s saying he really wants this baby? He’s saying I need to sort out where we would live though since he can’t due to his lifestyle. Is it unfair to bring a child up in the world in this situation and circumstances? I do emotionally want the child but LOGICALLY, my mom said I’d be kicked out and he’s already homeless as he apatently abused his mom. I’m only 7 weeks so I’m not really showing symptoms or being sick but if I was I don’t know if he’d be there for me. He said he’d wanna move in with me but again, I see abusive sides and I don’t think this is fair on the child or me too. But he’s so happy about it? I feel horrible leaving him and maybe not having the child? But he is homeless, I would be homeless if i keep the child and there is no where to go. Unless I apply for housing which can take up to months to find where to live. I’m not even his girlfriend he hasn’t asked yet?

1 y
And before anyone Says I should have used protection I did I was on the pill but because I was so sick it did NOT work
I’m pregnant with this guys baby - he wants to keep it but I hear he’s abusive?
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