Was I wrong in telling my husband that him keeping his dog alive is fucked up?


My husband of 6 years got himself a Corgi mix 2 years ago and developed quite the unhealthy attachment to her. He wouldn't go anywhere without her, condoned her nipping people (claiming she was doing her job and protecting us), etc etc etc. It did cause some issues in our marriage. I just felt he was going overboard and it caused a drift between us because it got to a point where I couldn't even hug him without the dog going off about it because she started resource guarding him and he never corrected it.

Well, he left her with his buddy 3 weeks ago while he went to work (I had baby ultrasound) and within 2 hours of being there, she was hit by a truck. She had to have her back right leg amputated and she lost complete mobility in her back left leg. Her pelvis was shattered and they had to schedule her a surgery to put a bunch of metal plates in to hold her pelvis together. Now they are saying she needs another surgery to see about correcting the mobility in her other back leg, as the reason she has none currently is because they pinched off her sciatic nerve. Since all this happened, she has been biting people constantly. Her temperament is terrible. She's miserable. She whines nonstop. She was a runner. She was constantly running and now she can't move at all. She is a full assist for toileting. They have her on so many different pain meds that it's ridiculous. Her hair is completely gray around her face now. She is suffering.

She had an appointment yesterday with the vet and she bit the vet pretty good. He hadn't even touched her so it wasn't due to pain. The vet at that point said that the most humane route to take was putting her down because it's obvious that she has no quality of life left in her. My husband immediately snapped and said no. "She's fucking fine". I told him at that point that keeping her suffering like this is fucked up and heartless. He's keeping her alive for his selfish desires, not her benefit. He thinks I just want her dead.

Was I wrong in telling my husband that him keeping his dog alive is fucked up?
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