I found out my boyfriend served in prison for crimes done 6 years ago. What now?


My boyfriend is 30 an I am 27. I actually met him through my mom which is really crazy. We talked for awhile and clicked well. He asking me to be his girlfriend and made his intentions clear that he wanted a long haul relationship. Everything was going fantastic. Something I did notice tho is that he used an initial for his last name on all platforms. I thought this was kinda odd but after a week of dating I asked him. He told me what his last name was.

I got curious a couple days later if he’d been married and went to my life. com. Instead of seeing that tho I see court records found. I just type his name and state in a there are a few articles about this guy and the charges against him. He didn’t kill or rape anyone it didn’t seem. It was pretending to be a student to steal card numbers from friends and the worst was talking and receiving sexual messages and photos although consensual to a 14 year old.

If you’re still reading, he was 23 when this all happened. It was 6 years ago. From my further research he was sentenced and served time (I’m not sure how much or when he got out) in state prison. There are no offenses past April 2017.

If you’re still reading, I realize that’s bad. Very bad. But this guy like he owns a house now and treats me like a queen and seems like the sweetest person ever. I was shocked. I honestly don’t want to break up with him but we need to have a talk. A big talk. My concern is how to know that he has changed and even if he has how we go from here. He has my moms trust but as soon as she googles him I don't know what will happen. And every family we meet if they’re the kind of people to look u up will see what he did and judge for it.

He did he time he seems straight, I love him. I don't know what to do from here.

I found out my boyfriend served in prison for crimes done 6 years ago. What now?
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