I think my best guy friend is in love with me?

I think my best guy friend is secretly in love with me. When I started dating my boyfriend, he tried everything to break him and I up. He tried to say that my boyfriend is a liar and that I’m blinded by love. He then tried to get my boyfriend to prove to him that my boyfriend loves me. Then he said long distance relationships don’t work out because people can act different in person (which I guess is understandable, but none of his business). He then asked me out on April Fools Day and I of course said no and he got butt hurt. And just now he tried to prove to my boyfriend that he knows more about me than my boyfriend. And he’s tried to protect me from getting hurt. Aren’t those the actions of someone who’s in love with me? Please tell me cause I need answers.
Yes, he’s in love with you
He’s just jealous that you’re in a relationship
He’s just probably wants to have a one night stand with you.
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I think my best guy friend is in love with me?
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