Girls, Am I wrong to set boundaries?

What started the argument is when I was taking out the trash and I notice a bag a chips that I was saving to eat later was inside the trash can. I asked my wife did she threw them away. She told me she gave rest of the chips that was still in the bag to our daughter. I wasn't upset about the chips being gone. I did however did feel like my wife should at least told me about the situation so I wouldn't have to wonder what happen to them. My wife has done this before with other things where she will use something that belongs to me and don't tell me about until I'm aware that it was being use or has been missing. When initially ask about the chips she was using the restroom so I wanted for a more proper time to tell her on how I feel about the situation. That's when the argument started. She only did it be because our child was hungry. And she didn't think should have to ask or tell me that she did it. Which I agree the only issue I had about the situation just in general just let me know what's going on so I want be lost on why something is missing or out of place. throughout the argument she really didn't care for what I had to say because she was more upset that she and my daughter have be sick for the past few weeks and I haven't been helping out around the house as I should due to me working over night and I sleeping during the day. Which I totally accept my fault for that. Then she started to yell and scream at me telling me that I'm acting like a child and that I was being selfish about some chips. I could care less about the chips being gone. I just wanted to set some kind of boundary and be aware of what's going to something that belongs to me and how that mad me feel.

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Girls, Am I wrong to set boundaries?
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