How do you feel about broken promises?


I used to not hold promises that highly in regard and now I remember why. He said we could start trying for a family once he finishes school and once he has the money to start his business. I feared this could take forever. But then last year we got great news that he’d finish school a year early, by the end of this year. As for starting his business, more good news came when he got news of a family inheritance. I could feel God blessing us more and more. But now that those blessings have come, he now has made new excuses to not try for kids yet and so on. I don’t expect most to understand since “we’re not married”but I can see now that I don’t think that was ever his plan and he said whatever he had to keep me around and to lose his virginity. I can’t believe I dated another indecisive mf and I can’t believe I got suckered again. haven't felt like this since 2018. We’re still together but I don't know for how long. As fcked up as he is, I do enjoy being with him but I know eventually I have to put myself first again. #FeelFreeToList

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Last time this shit happened was with the guy i dated for 2 years (2017-2019). All his promises went out the window once we thought i was pregnant. I beat myself up and didn't want to ever look dumb like this again. So i came back stronger for the remainder of 2019/20/21. Then 2022/23, i felt myself getting too vulnerable again. And now I see I’ve fallen back into the same trap. Gosh i suck at this 😩💀🤣 But i’ll figure shit out with or without him. Just gotta see what happens after March
How do you feel about broken promises?
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