I don't believe in love. Is there anyone too? What's your reason?

This question is for those people who don't believe in love, if u are hopeless romantic, pls stay away coz u can't think logically, u are slave of emotions.
I don't believe in love coz only attraction, attachment, bodily emotions, lust can happen between two humans nothing more than that. Love between humans is impossible. That's why this attraction can happen more than once. If something didn't work out then they divorce or break up and move on and find someone else. So it's not love. Don't start telling me that parents child love is a true love lmao, it's a biological attachment (evolution have a biggest role in this), which also happens in many living organisms. that's not love too. U can relate with people as much as possible. but every kind of relationship have some kind of selfishness, drama , little toxicity. so definitely humans are incapable of love. It can't happen naturally. It's not a feeling or emotions either. Coz emotions fade away after some time. Lovely couples who say they truly love each other, they are lying lmao they fall in love multiple times before u. If coincidence doesn't happen , they will never meet u and will be in relationship with someone else. and their final product is "baby" lmao that's just a simple reproduction process which happens with all organism (a result of evolution).
Coincidence, fall in love, sacrifice isn't love. All these ideas are rubbish, and came from movies, books nothing else. Our so called "love" is just based on movies. And it's not love.
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Love is impossible and can't happen. Love is rare fr.
I don't believe in love. Is there anyone too? What's your reason?
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