Hot and Cold behavior from my female friend. What can I do?

I met this person via 7cups in 2020. I have known them for almost 4 years now. We started talking more last year in 2023. Nothing romantic or anything like that. We decided to meet this past late January in 2024. It was our first time meeting in real life. There is an age difference of 7 years with me being the younger one. Ever since the hangout, she's been distant in a way. She texted how it was nice putting a face finally and asked if I got back safe and all, but after that it went down the hill. I tried doing small chats but no luck. I decided to call her out about the ghosting. She states that she is not ghosting me and that she is struggling with her life. And has nothing to do with me. I took upon her word

Fast forward to now, I sent a few texts of "hope you have a good week" and "great day". She responded to that and seemed to warm up. Which we then finally had a casual talk just almost two weeks. Like a catch up. Almost like old times. But now, Im getting the distance behavior from her. I been thinking about maybe starting up a talk about where we stand, but, I dont know if I guess its right in front of myself. Where she just doesn't want to talk or is expecting me to start up the talk on I guess where "we stand". I guess we never had that "talk" about the hangout which may be part of the issue too. She is very sensitive as a whole and tends to not speak her mind unless its a "safe space"

I love to hear thoughts on the situation

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Any female perspective is greatly welcome ha
Hot and Cold behavior from my female friend. What can I do?
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