I am a 27 year old single guy that just got out of a relationship in june.

I am really not quite sure WHY there are many views to my questions but no responses, ...maybe because it is a runon sentence? in any event, I really am in pain and need help, please see below:

I am a 27 year old single guy that just got out of a relationship in june. We said we'd like to be friends especially since we work together. We were friends with benefits for 2 months but that made it weird and after that I slept with other women (as cheesy as it sounds ) in order to do d myself and fill some kind of "void".

I told my ex about it and now she's saying " she doesn't know me anymore " and " our relationship meant nothing apparantly".( which is totally untrue) I keep reaching out to her as a friend and she's so cold and bitchy to me. On top of this I really don't have any friends because I'm a workaholic and never go out(the friends I had were "our friends" but now they are really HER friends since they live close to each other etc, I'm an outcast)

. Do I just leave her alone and if she calls me she calls me? What do I do to be happy and not need love from others?keep g busy with work only helps so much. I like to think I'm a pretty good guy but why no friends or those that really care about me? ( I make tons of friends when I go on vacation)WTF

: btw we work together, all went out for new yeears last nite and she disrespected me but ALWAYS "i am the one" who screwed up, she never admits to anything and I called her a horrible name, now she's unsure if she even wants to talk to me anymore. I think

I need to give her space but it really hurts, I still love her but know a dating relationship wouldn't work, but she's so bitter at me for lying in the beginning about how many partners I have had...cut my losses?

, she's also saying our friends are on HER side, and she totally makes me feel like a loser and I am the only one with issues, like I am a bad person. very depressed here guys
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also, I have reason to believe that she regrets our relationship. also she is now hangin ou and talking again with her ex bfs...I also suspect she "got over me sleeping with women" after we broke up because I feel she probably slept with a frnd of hers
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I feel so hurt and alone, esp since she "stole our friends" and they only hang out with her. since I work with her and WILLNOT give up my job, how do I deal w/this, esp at work?
I am a 27 year old single guy that just got out of a relationship in june.
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