How do you know if you are deeply falling in love?

It may sound like a dumb question but how do you know? And I mean true love if that even exists. Is there a difference with the feeling you get if you love someone truly and if you have a crush on someone (cause sometimes crushes don't last so did you really love them) How do you act when you're in love? Is it really love (romantically) that you're feeling? Do you need to have known them for a certain amount of time/getting to know them before you actually fall in love? What does falling in love mean to you?


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  • Love is something that can be pretty overpowering I think. In my experience it's ruled a lot of decisions I've made in the past, and sometimes kept me in relationships I didn't want to be in. For example I was in love with a woman who betrayed me many times over, and no matter how toxic the relationship was I didn't leave... Took me ages to finally break it off with her. Another case I was in love with somebody very truly and deeply. I tried telling myself that I didn't love her. Fact is I was afraid to love somebody again. But despite my efforts to not feel a certain way I couldn't shake how I felt. Dan Vebber wrote a line, in an episode of my favorite T.V. series, that puts it quite eloquently...

    - "Love isn't brains, children, it's blood... blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it." -

    Funny thing about it is... It's true. Love makes you feel a certain way, and really it has a power over you like nothing else. Really, it can be beautiful, it can be painful, and it can be everything in between, It can also be inspiration, motivation, but it can also be paralyzing and you'll know it when you feel it. Maybe not always at first, but you always feel it at some point or another.

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    • Damn man, you put it in suc a true way xD that's cute, well hope your love life goes well dude, and you too who ever asked this question. Don't worry love is always there , somewhere xD <3

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  • I think you can have a very heart-felt crush on someone, but to truly be in love is when you can't imagine living without the other person. Every second of every day you want to be with them and when you're apart, you can't stop thinking about them. There isn't really a concrete moment when you go from liking to loving, but it usually does take time, like weeks to months or even a year or more. Love is one of those things where if you aren't in love, you won't be sure what it is, but once you are, there's no doubt in your mind.


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  • hmmn to make it simple, I thnk the #1 rule behind love is selflessness. When you love someone or something, you make them a priority in your life and care more about them than even yourself, when humans fall in love they no longer have an ego or are selfish and you can't imagine going on in your life without that special someone by your side.

    at complex levels, I don't think we all know its love until 20-30 years into marriage when you're sitting by your husband/wife and admiring them and thinking, sigh, I AM SO GLAD I MARRIED YOU...

  • Theres not a second in a day that goes by that you don't stop to think about you and your lovers future. And how undeniably in love with them you are. That's my ideal way to know that you are in love with them. And when your friends ask why do you keep on dozing off with fantasies about them, you know you are in love :).

  • i know I'm deeply falling in love if I always am thinking of them and I can't live with out them. he will be the center of my life and the only man I want to be with. we'll spend thenights together cuddling and making out lol. and just he will always be on my mind. taht's how I know I'm in love with a guy