How I understand Proverbs 21:17


The bible says those who love pleasure become poor

it says those who love wine and oil never become rich

I believe pleasure is any form of unnecessary physical sensation you get from the material world such as the happiness of eating chocolate or of bathing in a swimming pool

while the wine is an example of an intimate internal fantasy that reaches your inner mental and emotional spheres such as the excitement of winning at a kardashian video role playing game or of playing sims city

The olive oil is a symbol for exaggerated positive emotions arising from your love and compassion and virtue.

Its good to rejoice at the sight of a cute dog or rabbit but don’t donate more to an animal charity than a human one just because you think animals are cuter than war veterans

And don’t have 3 kids because you like playing with young children when you only have the financial and social resources to support 1 or 2

True happiness must be balanced out with hard work

And true pleasure must be balanced with sacrifice

And true honour must be balanced out with humility

Ans true sexual gratification must be balanced with exercise and healthy dieting

And true love must be balanced with commitment and responsibility

And true luxury must be balanced with effort and maintenance and care

unbalanced extremes of either happiness or weariness leads only to long term suffering

here I have an image of joy

How I understand Proverbs 21:17
How I understand Proverbs 21:17
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  • the_bruh
    It just means getting attached to material aspects of the world is bad. By bad, it means it prevents you from growing the light and knowledge inside you.

    It is also stated in other holy books the same way. Power and wealth dies with you when you die. But there is something in you which doesn't , some call it soul, conscience or an energy.

    So, we should work on improving our energy rather than getting attached to the worldly pleasures.
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  • Rocco7070
    You completly disected the oldest of Jewish scripture, trying to intelligent ly slide complicated opinion. in, you just took a thoughtful scripture and complicated it, in the end it doesn't reswmble its origin. Thats your right but see how humans complicate things. Thats only your opinion, i just gave mune. You said the Bible said this or that. However I've never heard the book say anything! Dont get mad but im saying you complicated it with your bits added in.
  • YungWarthog
    It's never bad to feel good or happy. God gave us things to enjoy so we could have good lives. You shouldn't have to police your life to law sure your not having too much fun. Just don't forget the responsibilities you have and enjoy your life.
  • Myk13
    To be sure you maintain a healthy balance, here’s a picture of Sadness.How I understand Proverbs 21:17
  • I’ve never heard of anyone taking a bath in a pool, not since ancient times at least.
  • hikerunbeer
    How do you decide what pleasure is unnecessary?
    • You don’t need chocolate cake but sometimes you need breath mints and suits - you don’t need porn but sometimes you need to reproduce with your wife or to eat vitamin C veggies

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Since when is being rich something that we need?
    • I’ve already established that money should be used to by security and health and not pleasure or entertainment

    • Anonymous

      It seems like you're just interpreting it however you choose.
      Why don't you just write your own book.

    • So you are saying to take away what people get enjoyment from. That would include: sports, music, movies, tv shows, plays, festivals, fares, amusement parks, board games, card games, circus, toys, comicons, anime conventions etc. What about exercising and food that people enjoy?

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