How to know if a relationship is God’s will

How to know if a relationship is God’s will

1 - You teach each other respect

Your respect for yourself and for God and for them and for your family and for society and for religion and for all humans is enhanced through your relationship with them and their respect for all these groups is enhanced through their relationship with you.

2 - You know you were chosen and you know you chose

You do not try to block them from talking to other people because you don’t want them with you unless they believe you are the best husband or wife they can find and you are confident they are with you because they like you and not because they are your only option. You are also with them out of interest and romantic devotion when you know you can find somebody better looking or smarter or younger

3 - You do not lose interest with age

If you truly love somebody - you will still find them beautiful when they wrinkle - when they lose their six pack - when their breasts sag from old age - when they are not thinking clearly or less charming or articulate than before

4 - Your biggest reward is companionship and not money or sex

You are primarily interested in being able to bless and be blessed by this person with tokens of affection and kindness and if one day he loses his ability to have sex or you lose your ability to be thin and young - he still spends his free time with you and you still stay in the romance

5 - You view the person as a privilege and not a duty or obligation or responsibility

You smile knowing they care for you and you smile even more knowing you care for them - when you are sick they take care of you because it makes them feel important and heroic and when they are sick you take care of them because it makes you feel needed and compassionate - you love spending time with them and being able to pour your love into them

6 - You don’t need things to distract you

You can be happy in a room together with no lap top or cell phone or computer or book or wine or food or mutual friends or family or games because you find each other so interesting that no third party materials or ideals or people are needed to stimulate each other

7 - You always cut each other slack when you or the other person is weak or helpless or depressed or lonely or sick or isolated or in need

8 - Your with them because you want to love them - not because you want them to love you

9 - You accept them and they accept you

10 - You give them useful advice and they give you useful advice

11 - Your nice ti each other behind closed doors than you guys are to strangers in public

12 - You care about things you can’t touch or taste or smell like justice or humility or gratitude or sympathy or joy or humour or honour or esteem or respect

13 - You improve their esteem and confidence and self respect and health consciousness and they improve your esteem and confidence and self respect and health consciousness

13 - You teach them to be more loving and compassionate and they teach you to be more loving and compassionate

How to know if a relationship is God’s will
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  • JustSerg
    I don't know if this will help or not but. I was always taught that the greatest gift that God ever gave us was free will and that he's not your babysitter.
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  • These are all great focuses and view points for relationships!
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  • Yads_Is_Back
    This is really good! Made my night reading this. I needed it.
  • Love with God and love with person is different. love with person, make you feel to fly high in sky. And love with god, will not let you speak to anyone. Only god will talk you
  • CriticalDiscourse
    I am the wrong person to invite to this type of content.
  • venomhbk1313
    Yes it is because we all meet people for a reason in our life whether good or bad
  • Massageman
    Where did you find this? It's spot on!
  • FackThePackers21
    Avoid premarital sex for a holy relationship.
  • msc545
    Ask God?
  • Anonymous
    God doesn’t give relationships. Why on earth would you think that?