As a Christian these are my thoughts on the Sabbath - your free to post your opinions too.

As a Christian these are my thoughts on the Sabbath - your free to post your opinions too.

When I was doing manual labour at my old job, I never questioned whether or not I should keep the sabbath: My body hurt so much after some of my shifts that I could not climb up the stairs to get to my bedroom at night without gripping the railing and walking at half the speed I normally did. My co workers would see my walking with bad posture and ask me why I was in so much pain.

When I began trying to come up with my 24 book outlines after getting laid off, I stopped keeping the sabbath. I thought the sabbath was a break that only very hard working people deserved and I knew my book writing was no where near as painful as my old job.

But after almost 8 months without full 24 hour breaks from productive work - I realized I had begun to loosen my fringes. When I regularly took breaks either at work or in school - my work ethic and motivation and dedication were amazing - I always exceeded expectations, desires, interests and always amazed everybody. I realized after not taking breaks for almost 8 months that my ambition had dimmed.

This week I accidentally spilled some rice on our white kitchen floor and when I couldn’t find it right away due to poor visual attentiveness, I gave up looking for it thinking I would discover it’s location when somebody accidentally stepped on it after it dried and shrunk. In the past, I would not have been so lazy. The sabbath is designed to benefit you in the long term and not the short term. This is why you should not avoid resting just because you do not feel that it’s necessary. If you do not take your breaks your drive will begin to dim and the long term output will be worse than what it would have been if you had only been productive for 6 days a week.

As a Christian these are my thoughts on the Sabbath - your free to post your opinions too.
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  • izsaraaaaa
    i was raised as a christian and moved in with my friends family which is jewish/muslim and i abide by their rules. i have every Saturday off now bc as his mom explained, is the sabbath and they don’t work then. but it’s like a relief for me bc i work essentially every single day.
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  • Jjpayne
    I agree, it's good to have a time to rest, if God rested, how much more should we
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • foodOlivia
    According to the Bible. The sabbath is a reminder and a sign that you are not a slave. Since slaves work all the time without breaks.
    The sabbath is there to remind you that god took the Jews out of slavery and gave them a day off to show that they are free people.
  • Phoenix98
    I do my best to keep the sabbath, but I also need to keep my job to and my boss is also Christian and comes in on Saturday so I am expected to as well when the need arises.

    I also work manual labor like you.
  • Gravit1
    I take breaks on Holidays and Semester's end. I agree with you breaks are important, but the reality of College often requires weekend Jobs. I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after Church. Sunday is a shorter shift generally, so that helps. I usually have college the other days. Many communist regimes attempted to remove the Sabbath because of their atheism, but even the work animals succumbed to exhaustion. We can't run forever, and everyone needs a recharge.

    Also, the Sabbath is fulfilled in the New Testament by resting in the Spirit. Everyday is the Lord's Day.
  • Stoner710
    Aren’t you not supposed to have any electronic on Sabbath like you can’t turn on a light switch or is that only Shabbat
    • that is the Orthodox Jewish Sabbath - the Christian Sabbath doesn't follow those rules - they simply rest from exhausting things like a professional job or avoidable work like mowing the lawn or vacuuming - unavoidable work like feeding your dog or cleaning up spills is allowed

    • Stoner710

      Make since I’m a big follower of Ben Shapiro that’s so I no more about the Jewish sabbath then Christian at this point its been 10 years since I’ve been to church was thinking of getting back to it after the pandemic, maybe explore the different denominations probably not evangelical since I got told I was going to go to hell for listening to Rap and Metallica but when I went to Methodist they didn’t care what type of music I listen to so I’m going to avoid evangelicals

    • Stoner710

      Probably won’t be Catholic either until they excommunicate Joe Biden

  • “Resting” on the sabbath seems to change per person
  • CapitalismFailed
    I think everyone should take at least one day off a week. I don't think it matters if it's a Sunday, a Saturday or even some other day.
  • collie22
    a time of spirituality grounding us together before we go back to our busy lives
  • okayTaco
    What’s that?
  • MrCreep
    What is it?