Why the Bible Is Right About God Lengthening Life - Science

Why the Bible Is Right About God Lengthening Life - Science

I’ve read over 54 books in the last 40 weeks on positive psychology and I also read 2-4 journal articles on physical and mental and interpersonal health each day and these are some of the things I learned through my engagement with digital and auditory media over the years:

1 - Dog owners live longer

2 - Cat owners live even longer than dog owners

3 - People who care for sick or disabled family members live longer on average, even if many of them report higher stress and work load

4 - People who help people and groups that do not return the favour live the longest. People who help groups that help them live a little longer and people who receive from others without paying the people back live the shortest lives of all.

5. People who volunteer out of compassion and love live longer lives, people who volunteer out of guilt or obligation or reputation advancement do not live longer than people who do not volunteer.

6. People who volunteered had lower rates of heart disease and inflammation and obesity.

7. Religious people tend to live longer and over 46 percent of North American Christians do volunteer work.

8. People whose goals in life are social and moral tend to live longer than people whose goals in life are material or physical.

9. People who socialized and kept in regular contact with peers were over 85% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s than people who did not socialize with others.

10. Even though married woman usually share their beds with a snoring partner, they tend to sleep better than non married woman

Conclusion: The Data Suggests that Compassion and Love and Caring for others is Good for your Physical and Mental and Spiritual Health.

Why the Bible Is Right About God Lengthening Life - Science
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  • Massageman

    I certainly believe it. Nice take -
    (But, I'm not sold on point #2 though - - - - - ;- ) but I digress - - - - -

    We are currently helping a large homeschooling family (more on this topic in a bit) , and also a single mom with two young daughters whose husband divorced HER after HE slept around. (Figure THAT one out!)
    I pick-up the leftover bagel supply of a local shop Friday evenings, pull some for locals we know who need a bit of help, and bring the rest to our church Food Pantry, every Saturday morning. I've also worked with Habitat for Humanity (cooking for the REAL workers), built sheds after local tornados, and been on short-term mission trips to Greece and Haiti.
    And, while we KNOW that our salvation is guaranteed through Jesus' sacrifice for our sins and NOT by our "works", the indwelling Holy Spirit guides us to help where help is needed and where our particular talents can be most helpful.

    OK. More on Homeschooling, just like I promised! If anyone is even just considering homeschooling (although, with such uncertainty about schools opening, or just wanting to control what your kids hear, see and read, that number is increasing rapidly), or are on the fence about it, there is a fine, new book, "Think About Homeschooling", by Sandy Glenn. It's very readable, well researched and documented, and written in a style as if the author was just having a nice chat with you. Very helpful in a personal, "reader-friendly" way! Disclaimer- I get no compensation in any form whatsoever from any of my mentions.

    Need homeschooling info? On the fence about it? Available on Amazon!
    Need homeschooling info? On the fence about it? Available on Amazon!
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  • Jjpayne

    That conclusion sounds great to me! 😊

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  • Archerer

    What does that have to do with God? God is a fictional character in a book, but definitely love and compassion is good for you and society, how else would we have evolved the way we did?

  • Bellatris

    Okay, so what does any of this have to do with the Bible?

  • Caunsos

    You dont site your sources or explain your thesis or make any real arguments. That 54% of north American Christians are kind of shit at be Christians.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    no scripture so sorry can't take you seriously

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