Boobs and Lipstick: A Poem

Boobs and Lipstick: A poem

I could tell you about how I graduated from college, but even with my big t shirt on, you assume I have no knowledge

She has lipstick on, she has long brown hair, she minds her own business, but she is a bitch because you can't see her underwear

Boobs and Lipstick: A Poem

That is ok just stare, I only work at a bar, the truth is I don't care, with your pick up lines you won't get too far

She graduates in two years

She is a math major but she looks like a young Britney spears

She has boobs too, they must be fake, too big for a smart girl, the customers only talk to her to get laid

Then they wake up in the morning, and act like they are pure, come home to their girlfriends and wives and travel from bar to bar like a tour

He saw boobs and lipstick, he didn't care what she had to say

Boobs and Lipstick: A Poem

She told him she is listening, but the truth is she only wears lipstick for work everyday

You must be a feminist because you are not attracted to jerks

You must be too pretty, because your man wouldn't allow to you to work

All he sees is boobs and lipstick, he'll go home every night drunk and sick

Boobs and Lipstick: A Poem
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    Nice poem