My Thoughts on Weed (and Other Drugs)

My Thoughts on Weed (and Other Drugs)

With Canada having just legalised the sale and use of Cannabis (1), I felt like I should use this opportunity to raise some important issues surrounding the use of “the devil’s lettuce” (among other things). This isn’t going to discuss my views on weed from a scientific standpoint. Not because I don’t have all the facts and figures at hand, ready to support all of my points, but rather it’s because I’ve already taken that approach in the past (2).

Similarly to the above MyTake, I am going to use alcohol as my bassline. Why? Mainly because I find it absolutely ridiculous that such a harmful drug (to both the individual and the society) is not only legal but is actually part of our culture, especially when it comes to binging. However, it’s important to note that I’m not calling for the banning of alcohol, despite the deaths, illness, violence, destruction, and sexual assault that all happen as a result of it. Why? Well that’s essentially what I’m going to discuss today.

In my opinion, and of course you can disagree with me, I believe that as adults we should have certain freedoms. I mean we can choose to join the army, fight in sports such as boxing or UFC, ski down mountains or do backflips on snowboards, we can climb mountains without any training, we can eat ourselves to death, we can tattoo our bodies and pierce every part of our skin as we see fit. We can do all of these things because as adults we are allowed a number of freedoms, a number of ways through which we can choose what we do to our bodies.

So why doesn’t the same thing apply to drugs? I think it’s important to understand that using the blanket term “drugs” is a horrible idea and I prefer not to do so. Everyone recognises that drugs are different and that you can even divide them into hard drugs and soft drugs, something that still fails to recognise the clear differences between them. My argument would stand with any soft drug as I believe they can be used for more than just partying or for watching shit movies. Regardless, let’s focus on weed for the time being. Why can we not choose to smoke weed when we can choose to drink alcohol every day or have McDonalds for every meal?

Typically people give a range of different answers: “alcohol is a part of our culture and is socially acceptable” or “eating McDonalds doesn’t put other people at risk”. Of course both of these arguments are not only childish but are ultimately meaningless. Alcohol is a part of our culture because we’ve allowed it to become that way. As for eating McDonalds, well, when you look at the costs to any society as a direct result of obesity, you will see that it’s not that simple.Especially when you bring children into the picture. An adult who lives on MCDonald's and then choose to reproduce is likely to have a fat kid.

To put the incredibly low risk of weed in perspective: more people die every year from choking on pen lids than have died as a direct result of smoking weed, ever. More people die per year as a direct result of taking selfies than have ever died as a direct result of smoking weed. More people are killed by cows per year than have ever died as a direct result of smoking weed. It is practically impossible to overdose on weed because you would pass out before you could smoke enough to kill you.

Now, I’m not arguing that there aren’t risks when smoking weed. I’m not one of these pro-weed morons who claims that weed is harmless. However, there are a number of claims being thrown around that are false. For example: Weed doesn’t cause hallucinations (generally speaking). It is possible for people with underlying conditions or those who have smoked far too much weed to enter into a state of acute psychosis whereby hallucinations may be experienced. However, this can be easily avoided, something I will discuss momentarily. Secondly, weed does not cause schizophrenia. It’s possible that people with a genetic predisposition for the mental illness could have it “activated” by the use of marijuana or certain other psychoactive substances, but the risk posed is so minimal that using this as an argument would simply be illogical. Thirdly, weed does not cause mental illness.

This myth largely stems from the misrepresentation of scientific data generally from a misunderstanding of results. People with a mental illness are likely to be drawn towards certain activities, particularly during adolescence, and so weed use among this group is typically higher which skews results. This also plays a role in the use of marijuana on a brain that hasn’t fully developed, which is something I’ve already mentioned. The largest review of marijuana studies ever conducted found to long-term negative mental or physical health effects as a direct result of moderate marijuana consumption. You can find the link to this on my other MyTake.

Using Weed

So some of you may be wondering what it is like to smoke weed. I’m going to discuss the effects of the drug (on me, it will vary slightly from person to person) as well as providing some general safety recommendations.

You can consume marijuana in a number of ways. The most common method is inhalation i.e. smoking or vaping it. While this approach arguably poses the highest risk (as a result of smoke inhalation) it’s also the most manageable approach. The other method is edibles which I wouldn’t recommend trying if you haven’t smoked weed before. I’ll discuss both:


I typically take this approach of smoking weed. Sometimes from a pipe, sometimes from a bong, but usually I just roll a joint. You can mix tobacco with your weed which allows you to smoke less and makes it seem less harsh but tobacco is actually dangerous and as such I tend to avoid it. I have two different approaches to smoking: I either smoke to get stoned or I smoke to get high. It may not sound like there is a difference but for me, stoned is your more typical reaction e.g. sitting on the sofa, eating junk food, and watching ridiculous movies or TV shows without a care in the world. The purpose of it is to relax and turn your brain off for a bit. When I smoke to get high, I remain completely functional and productive. I’ll usually use this mind-set to write, mix music, enjoy the weather, or any other purpose.

When smoking weed, particularly if it is your first time, take it slow. If you only have one toke (puff) and then wait to see how it affects you, that is perfectly acceptable. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I used to smoke way too much and it led to many unpleasant experiences. Nowadays, I’ll maybe take two or three tokes of a joint and then leave the rest for later. Each strain will affect you differently and it’s important to realise that. You might find yourself singing, dancing, laughing for no reason, becoming lost in thought, or sleeping.

As with any drug, there are three important rules you should pay attention to: set, setting, and moderation. Set refers to your mind-set. If you’re in a negative frame of mind before taking any drug then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Setting refers to who you’re with and where you are. If you’re with friends in a comfortable space (such as your home) then you’re more likely to have a positive experience that if you’re alone or with strangers in a sketchy part of town. Moderation speaks for itself. Take things slow and don’t try to act big by smoking more than you can handle. When you’re turning pale and feeling sick, you won’t look or feel “cool”.


As I mentioned already, edibles are a whole other can of worms. Many people make the mistake of eating more of say a weed brownie than they need to. Some people will eat half, wait 20 minutes and decide they can’t feel anything, eat the other half and then feel like they’ve been transported to hell. The safest way to explore edibles is to wait at least an hour and a half after eating one before consuming any more. If you want to play it extra safe then wait for 2 hours. Trust me, it’s better to feel like you aren’t high enough than to feel like you’re too high.

One thing that is important to remember is that however you’re feeling, no matter how close to the gates of hell you may have strayed, it’s just temporary. You aren’t going to die (even if you feel like you might) and after 10, 20, maybe 30 minutes, you will begin to feel things easing out.

The Dark Side of Weed

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not going to sit here and claim that weed is harmless. I told you that I’ve had negative experiences through weed and so I’m going to share one such tale with you now. Before starting this story, I should mention that I live in Spain but I don’t speak Spanish. Anyway, one day I was sitting in my flat, alone, and decided to smoke a joint. I hadn’t rolled this joint but the person who had had added kief to the joint (this is like weed dust and it’s more potent. It gathers in the lower section of a grinder). I smoked the amount I’d usually smoke, believing it to be a regular joint, but pretty quickly realised that I was far too high.

I have anxiety and so smoking too much weed can be a little sketchy for me as my anxious mind can take over and turn what would be a pleasant experience into a negative one. Just because you have anxiety doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy weed, I certainly still enjoy it, but I do have to be a little more cautious to make sure that I don’t smoke too much. Anyway, in this instance all it took was one thought to send me on a spiral: IF I needed to go to hospital, how would I do it? I don’t know the emergency number, I don’t know where my nearest hospital is, I don’t speak Spanish, and at this stage I had just moved to Spain and wasn’t registered as being there in any official capacity. Suffice to say, the next 30-40 minutes were incredibly unpleasant but I lived and learnt from the experience. That’s why I can’t stress enough to think about moderation.

Misconceptions About Drug Users

This is my final point, I promise. I want to just quickly discuss a common misconception. As I mentioned before, we know that there are soft drugs and hard drugs. There is also a key difference between a drug addict and a drug user. I am a drug user. I’ve tried weed, DMT, cocaine, alcohol, tobacco, MDMA (both in its pure form and in ecstasy), and psilocybin (the psychedelic chemical in magic mushrooms). Nowadays, the only drugs I would touch would be weed, MDMA, DMT, ayahuasca (it’s on my to-do list), psilocybin, and alcohol (although I only drink alcohol because the other drugs aren't always an option in certain situations). I don’t take any of these regularly, the most common one being weed which I only smoke a few times a month.

Why do I take these drugs? Well, partly for fun and partly for experience. MDMA I take for the same reasons that people drink at clubs: it improves my sociability and allows me to have more fun. It also creates a larger sense of “oneness”. Psilocybin wasn’t for fun but rather for the experience and the positive medical effects that the drug can offer. Weed is mostly just for leisure…and so on. The point is, that these drugs have a positive influence on my life. Do they impact my health in a positive way? Some do, some don’t. I don’t want to live forever but I DO want to enjoy my life and as far as I’m concerned, I can do that any way I want provided it isn't at the expense of the enjoyment of others.

I know some of you are probably thinking “how can you enjoy your life if you’re spending all your time taking drugs?” Well, as I already mentioned my drug use is very infrequent. To paraphrase a famous rant by the late and great Bill Hicks: In all my times of using drugs that aren’t alcohol, I’ve never hurt anybody (including myself), never robbed anybody, never raped anybody, never killed anybody (including myself), never crashed a car, never burned down a house, and I’ve never lost a single job or had to call in sick to a job. I’ve had a great time but in no way have I negatively impacted the lives of others at the expense of my own enjoyment.

It is my opinion that the biggest risk posed by drugs (specifically soft drugs) doesn’t come from the drugs themselves but from a lack of education on the part of those taking them.

I am HAPPY to discuss this topic with anyone but only in a civil and mature manner. If you're going to just bark disagreements at me without any support for your argument then I just won't respond. By all means share your opinion but understand that just because you disagree, that doesn't make you right. Just as me disagreeing with you doesn't automatically make me right.

#BakedHaggis #CammysMyTakes


2. Alcohol vs Weed: Which One Should Be Illegal?

My Thoughts on Weed (and Other Drugs)
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  • normalice
    Personally, I don't understand why even make the case for legalization. It shouldn't be on anyone to do that. We're supposed to be "innocent until proven guilty," and the fact is that no one has yet made the case that it should be illegal.

    I ask every prohibitionist I see "why do you think people should be in jail for the responsible use of marijuana?" I've yet to get any sort of discussion out of it. Usually, people just say "because of gangs!" and block me, or something like that.
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    Is this still revelant?
    • Cammy137

      I once asked the same question, it might even have been on here, and one person genuinely responded "because it's illegal". Realistically, there is no case why it should be illegal unless alcohol, tobacco, and all the others are also being made illegal.

    • normalice

      I've yet to get the "because it's illegal!" response. But that does sound hilarious, in a way. Scary in others..

Most Helpful Girl

  • bubble_tea
    Great take! I have two questions:
    1. "You can mix tobacco with your weed which allows you to smoke less and makes it seem less harsh but tobacco is actually dangerous and as such I tend to avoid it."

    I was told you had to mix it with tobacco or the joint won't light up (or keep burning). Is that just a myth?

    2. Is it true that the high you feel from smoking is different than the one you get from eating?
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    • Cammy137

      It's actually the opposite. I know a lot of people who mix tobacco with their weed entirely because it helps it burn. It means that you don't need to keep toking the joint to keep it lit or repeatedly light it.
      Yeah it's quite different, it can certainly be a lot more intense. I've always been super cautious with edibles so I haven't had any negative experiences and because I've never eaten much at any one time, the high has always been rather subtle. But one of my friends ate too many weed brownies once, thought she had died, had to get someone to phone in sick for her the next day, couldn't move from the sofa until about 24 hours later and has never been able to smoke since. Even the smell of weed makes her violently sick.

    • bubble_tea


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  • Spikael
    I suffer from a particularly weird bunch of problems, ranging from chronic migraines, to congenital heart disease, to costochondritis. Throughout the years I've been prescribed all manner of meds to try and manage these symptoms. From anti-depressants to anti-epileptic pills, from morphine to codeine.

    They may have helped once in a blue moon, a very rare occasion but they just kept cycling me through from one drug to the next. Randomly a friend offered me some weed, and having had friends who smoke in my life I'd done some research into the effects and side effects, in case I ever needed to help them for anything. I decided to try it, I got a nice buzz and sat back on the sofa, then I remember looking at my friend and having a sudden realisation that for the first time since I was 13 years old... I wasn't in any pain. Like, I could feel a slight dull ache where normally I'd have such sharp pain it limits my movement.

    I was happy, on a level I couldn't explain to my friend or anyone else since. I was happy because for the first time in years I felt comfortable just sitting down for once.

    Since then I treat it as my medication and stopped taking my prescribed drugs. My number of attacks has dropped drastically, and when I do have, say a migraine if I get up and smoke it fades away. To the point where my girlfriend woke me up with a joint, and I smoked it in the garden cowering from the sun, by the time I was finished?

    I decided to paint the garden shed.

    Totally different from what would have happened without weed, basically, I wouldn't have gotten out of bed for at least a day.
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    • Cammy137

      That's interesting to hear! People tend to ignore the positive effects that weed can offer but I'm always happy to listen to a success story.

  • Levin
    Sorry to post a rather flippant reply. I appreciate you taking the time to write this, but:

    I overwhelmingly feel you need to endeavour to learn Spanish, learn the emergency number, and find out where the hospital is. Like you move to a country, it's the first thing you do... Don't be a lazy Brit...
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    • Cammy137

      Oh I am, don't worry. I hate it when people move to a different country and don't attempt to fit into the language/culture. I had only just moved to Spain at that point but I am now learning Spanish (all be it very slowly), know the emergency number, and the hospital is within walking distance.

    • Levin

      I use pimsleur for learning other languages. It's incredible stuff.

    • Cammy137

      Never heard of it but I'm definitely going to check it out. I need all the help I can get! Language learning is not something that comes naturally to me.

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  • Aalena
    Personally i tried some and i didn't like the feeling of it, its just not for me. But i agree that there's nothing wrong with it. People smoke because they want to or medical reasons and just like any drug its perfectly fine as long as its not abused
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    • Cammy137

      Yeah it isn't for everyone. I've had times where I've stopped smoking it for months because I just didn't enjoy it any more.

  • TheNotorious
    Weed saved my life: I was very depressed about to kill myself I went out to smoke weed and pot, i smoked to much to fast that i landed into a badtrip, I tought i was going to die flashback were coming back for 6 hours I was thinking ‘if i survive this (which of course i will) I’m going to improve my life, should really not be depressed, enjoy your life’ Next day I smoked again badtrip... went to festival had fun next week I finally got over 2 year long depression.
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    • I hate that people think that alcohol is better than weed it really pisses me off... Alcohol never helped me, weed made me forgot all my problems all at once for a day

    • Cammy137

      Exactly, brother. Alcohol creates so many physical and psychological problems. I used alcohol as a crutch from about the age of 16 to maybe as late as 22. It wasn't until a few years ago that I stopped drinking for months at a time and realised that I felt healthier, more productive and saved a hell of a lot of money. Now, I can buy a bag of weed once or twice a month, smoke it occasionally, and still feel like I don't need to take a week off to recover from a night of heavy drinking. Even when I just have a couple of drinks, I still feel defeated the next day.

    • same i started drinking when i turned 18. i drink 4 beers next day im fucked, and my kidney also hurts because of it. fucking alcohol

  • N192K001
    I also disagree with "recreational" marijuana and support medicinal use & R&D.

    The problem is that making a black market for it only supports cartels and other shady, criminal organizations. I would rather it be manned by less-ruthless/more-normal people, out in the open, regulatable, taxable, and suable.
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  • FriendlyDrugDealer
    Very good article. Informative and honest with advice. Finally people can start to ask the questions and get educated

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  • princessfromjupiter
    Totally agree, it's ridiculous that the law so rigorously dictates what we can and cannot put into our own bodies. But I guess it's just a way to capitalize on illicit drug trade after all.
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    • x-bit

      why did people down vote this? it's true the government makes money by making drugs illegal.

    • @x-bit maybe they're just naive and mad because I might have burst their bubble haha I don't know

    • x-bit

      lol ya probably

  • Danxsarah
    I am a cancer survivor I use pot to help me sleep eat and keep a level head

    I tried many years different things for sleeping and all that nothing works for me but this magical plant does wonders for me tbh even my cat who has PTSD form there past home I give him CBD and he levels out and becomes loveable

    Now before the keyboard warriors come out to play

    No I dont care what you think and no I'm not a drug addict I own my house car pay my Bill's and work
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  • Lance1965
    I have been smoking weed for 40 or so years. Started not long after starting high-school. The biggest problem I see with pot smokers is the amount of money they spend on it. That ruins them more than the smoking itself. I just grow my own, buying it makes no sense to me when you can grow it for free.
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  • nayin23
    So weed and other illegal drugs should be legal because of FREEDOM?
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    • Cammy137

      To an extent, sure. The war on drugs has failed miserably, there's no denying that. Many drugs are less harmful than they are made out to be and with the right knowledge, they can be taken much safer than they are now.
      Weed is a key example because no argument can be made for weed being illegal that can't also be made for alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, sugar, and coffee.

    • nayin23

      Would you say heroin is in the same category of sugar and coffee?

    • Cammy137

      Heroin is a hard drug. It isn't something that I discussed at all in this post. My argument was for weed and potentialyl a number of "soft drugs". When exploring any drug, you have to consider a number of different factors, such as: i) the harm it causes to the individual when used moderately, ii) the harm it causes to society when used moderately, iii) the likelihood of addiction (psychological and physical), iv) the likelihood that a large percentage of users will move from moderate use to excessive use, v) the benefits that it can offer.
      I would argue that sugar and marijuana use are comparable but sugar and heroin or sugar and marijuana are not.

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  • drdidier2
    As I am not a drug user, I wanted to ask this question: Do you really believe that weed can make you more creative? Does it allow you to invent or produce something you would never do without it?
    Also, does it speed you up in terms of productivity, or rather makes you slower?
    • Cammy137

      It can change my perception of things. I can watch a movie and see an angle or a character's motivation that I didn't notice before, I can watch a TV show and make connections and generate theories that wouldn't have happened otherwise, I can listen to music and hear different parts. I've come up with many original ideas or taken my character's down different and more interesting paths as a result of smoking weed.
      That being said, it definitely slows down production but it depends on how much I smoke and what strain of weed I have.

    • drdidier2

      Thanks for the answer. So I'm coming to the conclusion that one should be picky about certain strains, and therefore avoid it at all (because you may have no choice) in places where it's hard to find. Right?

    • Cammy137

      Depends on the person. I know that for myself, I wouldn't be able to smoke an indica and still expect to get work done or remain functional.

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  • TheHillsRAlive
    I *almost* died choking a pen lid... thankfully I reached for an edible instead
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  • jellyroo
    This was an enjoyable read. Nicely done, Haggis Man.
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  • Browneye57
    A wall of text. Screw that. ;)

    There's nothing wrong with weed unless you abuse it. Just like anything else. Use in moderation.
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  • stormbreaker06
    people are stupid with drugs and even more stupid without drugs. either way I'm screwed.
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  • skateranon123
    I hate the high weed gives me but I don't mind others using it
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    • x-bit

      try just taking a small toke it should just give u a mood lift and make things more funny without the high feeling.

  • kinda-confused
    Wow I bet Canada is full of potheads now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    • zagor

      Most people who are smoking it now were already smoking it. It just became legal here (California) in January but it was already used pretty openly; it was so easy to get a medical use card that anyone who made the effort could do so. So I don't think legalization will make it that much more widely used.

    • Canadian here. and to be honest a few people who never tried it may start but for the most part. people who are into that were already doing it illegally. I still grow my own and even sell some. all legalizing it did was make me not worry asmuch.

    • @zagor I know it increased the usage heavily in Colorado, but I guess it depends on whether your state has Medical Marijuana, or not.

  • call_me_scar
    No way in hell am I reading all that but you did give me a idea I'll eat a pot cookie, wait 20 minutes and take another few
    • Cammy137

      Shame, I literally suggested the opposite of that

  • LeoElias
    There you go talking about drugs again. You are obsessed. Especially you write a ton of shit about it too.
    • Cammy137

      Seemingly your obsessed with telling me that I'm obsessed. If you can't understand why this post was relevant to the world's news then that's on you, not me, friend!

  • Modell054
    I smoke a lot to numb my pain i been through alotta shit especially for a 19 year old, i used to sip lean and do pills but that shit just stupid
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