Feminism: observations of someone born in 1993.


This is what I see as someone born in 1993, who grewup before modern feminism as a kid and later witnessed the boom of modern feminism while in high school.

What I have seen:

Feminism popularity increased with the rise of hip-hop music.

Popular culture prior to 2008 seems to be widely disliked by both men and women who identify as feminist today.

Feminism blossemed under the Obama presidency.

The premise of feminism seems to be the rejection of the fundamental premise: "A virginal woman was absolutely required or else she became a spinster dependent on her parents for the rest of her life."

Quote taken from (ReturnOfKings.com)

Basically, it was an ignorant fight against the known limitations of arranged marriages, housework and limited exposure to different men sexually in favor of the unknown alternatives to the above.

This created a culture similar to the modern one we see today on Tinder. And notably, one that includes many single mothers prior to the age of 25, and many single childless women over the age of 30.

It also leads to the wild sexuality of men who are hot enough to benefit from Tinder, who also become chronic cheaters in real life. But there has also been a split between sexual have's and have not's. Sexlessness among men aged 18-29 is at an all time high, with now 1 in 3 young men going without love or affection year after year.

As of 2018, female sexlessness between the ages of 18-29 is at an all time high of 18%. In 2016, female sexlessness was 16% compared to male sexlessness at 20%.

In 2002 female sexlessness was 16% and male sexlessness was 15%. In 2002 I was in the 1st grade. In 2009 female sexlessness was at an all time low of 12%. Male sexlessness was also at an all time low of also 12%. In 2009 I was a sophmore in high school. Every year thereafter both male and female sexlessness increased, but male sexlessness inxreased much faster than female sexlessness increased. And today male sexlessness is 10% higher than female sexlessness despite both being at record highs.

Married men are having less sex than married women (yikes). Married women sexlessness is at 0%. Married men sexlessness is at 2% -- more than double.

Data up to 2016 visually:

Feminism: observations of someone born in 1993.

Mass shootings from young men between the ages of 18-29 is at a historic all time high.

Divorce rates are falling among young people who get married, but marriage rates are at an all time low. Conception and child birth's are also at 150 year record lows.

Those who are concieving children seem to be typically rude people.

Feminism: observations of someone born in 1993.

Male suicide rates are at an all-time high.

Income inequality are at all time highs.

Corporate profits are at all time highs.

Women are graduating college at higher rates than men, and are outearning men of the same age.

These are my observations of feminism from the perspective of a guy born in 1993.

Feminism: observations of someone born in 1993.
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  • alvincasey
    Correlation and causation are two different things. Just because two events are simultaneously occuring doesn't mean one is causing the other.
    All of the things you listed, while some may be true, are not being caused by feminism.

    The premise of feminism is the belief that women deserve the same rights as men. That quote taken from Returnofkings. com is a load of shit and almost everyone rejects that not just feminists.
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    • Robertcw

      I disagree. That was first wave feminism. We are now on third wave, which preaches bizarre teachings such as the rejection of universals. Which is a metaphysical claim.

  • PrinceOfAljazeera
    man i wish i lived before 1920, in the era women didn't have the right to vote.
    ever since we men gave them right to vote the world has turned into catastrophic.
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    • Give this man MHO.

    • Robertcw

      I don't necessarily agree, but I do see feminism as a form of eugenics in which men are being culled.

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  • shinka1y234
    Why do you care about womans sexuality? It is not your business if a woman is a virgin or not or sleeps around. That is why men should not be allowed to vote anymore. Yes, i can say that if men say it all day
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    • This country would go straight to hell in a handbag if left for women to control. Look at what they did to Germany and Sweden. Miss me with that shit.

    • So trump, obama and other bullshit presidents were better?

    • A whole lot better than Hitlery Clinton. Thank GOD and the American people for preventing that. Now Tulsi Gabbard I'd vote for. She's got something that the Clintons lack; class.

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  • AuroraRoseat
    Male suicide rates have to do with toxic masculinity, not feminism. I don't think men are killing themselves because men aren't looking their way. It's the pressures of being a man in this society which has NOTHING to do with Feminism. I think men are waking up to what generations have suffered but they didn't think like this when they had more rights than women. It's easier to put up with the burdens if you're the only one receiving privileges.

    Income inequality has existed for decades. There is a gender/racial wage gap and Feminism brought awareness to the former.

    Corporate profits has to do with capitalism which leeches off people.

    Women are definitely pursuing education more rigorously especially since we were previously barred from doing so. Feminism isn't discouraging men from seeking education. Many men think it's not worth their time or energy to pursue it.


    Your observations are severely lacking.
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  • jessi462
    I stoped reading when you said it started under obama presidency... wich is false. It started waaayyyyy before that. When women where starting putting pants it was already started.
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    • Robertcw

      Modern feminism I mean, not the whole thing.

    • jessi462

      It was modern femenism. You can't just put that apart? If that never happened femenism these day wouldn't be the same. It all started somewhere.

    • The fact that you stopped reading shows your intolerance. You can't have an unbiased opinion on the matter based on what you liked and didn't like. Read the whole before you decide to make people think your two cents is worth anything.

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  • SirRexington
    Even as a guy who hates feminism, I'm not even going to entertain the idea that women in Saudi Arabia are happier than they are in the west. That's ludicrous. They don't give genuine responses in these polls for fear of repercussions.

    Being a slut is not liberating either. It's giving their body away to the "patriarchy" who hasn't had to work for her affection. I'm not going to sit here and claim women and men are happier with feminism at the helm of our culture. But I'm also not going to claim that repressing women by preventing them from leaving the house, driving, going on real dates and placed in forced marriages is a logical or moral idea.

    Men are hurt by feminism as are women, but you know what hurts us the most? The thing that fixates and exploits peoples emotions and cultures... Capitalism. Capitalism has led to a decline in freedom of choice, lack artistic expression and philosophy, deprived scarcity while a surplus exists, compelled behaviors through an owner-worker culture and the suppression of peoples individual ideas which are bought out by a larger company or is never allowed to get off the ground. Ruthless competition and unjust hierarchies have developed a society of angry and bitter people who live for the pursuit of capital accumulation instead of the pursuit of personal self fulfillment.
  • Roxi-
    You don’t have any real problems if your biggest concern in life is sex God buddy start to LOVE YOU. Get some fucking sex toys and grow tf up woman don’t OWE anyone pity sex 🙄 if you can’t get Pussy oh well your fault and it’s probably due to your own mental issues honestly I hate guys who blame looks like puuuuhleaseee as if lol
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    • creampie99

      well said. i hate guys who blame the whole female population and act like we are the big bad wolf bc they can't get laid or get anyone to like them. it's usually do to their own issues which leads to girls not liking them

  • Ellie-V
    Most of this I don’t see as a horrible thing except for the male shootings and suicides.
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    • Robertcw

      I honestly think those are related. Possibly even cause and effect. I will write a take soon on the negative impacts of feminism on young boys (where I think the message doesn't apply). It might be relevant for some older generations, but increasingly I am believing it is responsible for producine feminine sexually unattractive young men.

  • CandacePerry
    Femmist doesn't make any rirhf for learning disabilities by. Both men & woman that has a learning disabilities. . they always get a back seat. It not fair for them complain tbu not having right. It should learning disabilities should be one complaining about theirs right and they Not robots.
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    • What?

    • That's not true. Feminism has evolved to encompass ANY injustice that is faced by society. It's primary platform has been and likely always will be women, but we don't ignore others that suffer unjustly.

  • grega239
    Modern Western women have more rights than men.
    Feminism has outlived it's usefulness and is now a supremacy cult.

    I have been observing mainstream feminism for the last few years and there is no argument feminists can present that would prove otherwise.
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  • LoonyToonz
    Feminism has turned into an ideology based on hating men. Thats why women in MASS numbers are turning away from it.
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  • Leafpool2
    lmao imagine thinking roosh "rape is good actually" v is a credible source
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    • You are the only person here mentioning roosh v

  • HeavenSentInstrument
    Honestly I dont see an issue with Feminism. Yeah, some women and people in general take it out of context and preach their own perverted, twisted version of it, but that happens with literally every single major change to society.

    If you feel like you're being lost, or your ideals are being squashed, as if Feminism is really after your "manhood" then maybe you were the problem to begin with. If you're offended by it, then maybe you're the original offender.
    Seems silly to get all up in arms because women want more rights and to have the ability to speak about such things.
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    • Roxi-

      Fucking THANK YOU 💯

  • Chris4744
    Birth control turned out to be quite a destructive force, didn’t it.
  • Shamalien
    Feminism is eugenics to get rid of a certain kind of man

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  • Ally247
    Cool story bro
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    • 😂😂😂😂

    • The sad part is, 5 dudes hated this comment. Like no sense of humor whatsoever.

    • Ally247

      I know lol

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  • Philyouup
    Ugh. So misunderstood. Right leaning males are such pussies when it comes to feminism.
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  • NightNshiningArmor
    So what would you say would be the solution to this issue?
  • CausticHippy
    Well written. Started skimming through it about halfway tho.
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  • Anonymous
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    • Anonymous

      Sorry i put random letters, i did that to save the post because i read this last night and was to tired to comment on it, but, i knew i would want to eventually comment. So while you have statistics in here, i still see a lot of this is opinion based. One of the first feminists movements was actually in the 1800s with 300 men and women rallying for womens equality. From there, feminism is expressed in a lot of poetry from the 1800s to 1900s, and, of coarse, we still see it in poetry to this day. However, we really see feminism rise during the civil rights movement. Now a days there is A LOT to modern feminism, a lot of issues are brought up, many opinions, and even different types of feminsim. We have our first generation feminist who were in the civil rights era, along with anyone else who supports that. You have your more modern day intersectional feminsm, which is the most extreme out of all femism. there's 3rd wave feminism and supports gay rights, social equality, and speaks of freedom of sexuality and respect... you can research the other types of feminism, but clearly there is a lot to it. i consider myself a feminists but i defiently can't say i support ALL feminism... i hope this opens your eyes and to regonize the different types of feminism. i really don't understand where you were coming from in your post but i hope this helps

    • Robertcw

      I think I am just trying to wrap my head around what is going on right now in the world. I have come to realize that I think feminism is harming young men growing up essentially by csusing internalized guilt. Or something like that. I just needed to lay the cards on the table and take a look so I just listed what I noticed.

    • Anonymous

      Oh gotcha. Some parts of feminism have a lot of anger towards men. Like i said, there are many aspects to feminism. Before you decide to dislike it, educate yourself on it. To break it up, look up what the first wave femisist stood for, and what the second wave feminist stood for which were the first generation feminists of our country, and the third wave feminist, and intersectional feminist. Each wave of feminism stands for different issues ( for the most part ).

  • Anonymous
    Basically as people got more rights and freedom woman didn't have to settle on loser men?

    The hip hop connection makes zero sense. You should just social media /technology reward system may have changed the world. And millineal men are pampered and uneducated and dont know how to talk to woman or get laid
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  • Anonymous
    The sad part is, women have more rights than men do now and still bitch and complain about wanting more representation, equal pay and rights. Some men pretend to be women (some actually believe that they are) just to have those rights. I'm not bashing on women at all whatsoever. I have a little girl and I want what's best for her but I'll be damned if I allow her togrow up thinking she isn't equal to a man.
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