How would your life change if you were racist or sexist?


I'm glad I'm not or I couldn't have a PBJ and iced tea while watching TV, play "gun battle" with the grandkids or even drive my car without being a hypocrite. Here's why - - -

If I were racist - - -

George Washington Carver, the original
George Washington Carver, the original "Mr. Peanut".

- - I couldn't eat that peanut butter and jelly sandwich. George Washington Carver created over 300 products from peanuts and soybeans!

If I were racist - - -

William Reilly, founder of Luzianne Tea.
William Reilly, founder of Luzianne Tea.

- - - I couldn't wash down that PBJ with a nice glass of my favorite iced tea, Luzianne.

If I were racist - - -

Created the system to scan images for color TV.
Created the system to scan images for color TV.

- - - I couldn't take my PBJ and iced tea and watch a TV show. Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena was instrumental in making color television a reality. He was the one who invented a scanning system that would separate each image into the three light colors- red, green and blue- used to recreate the image.

If I were sexist - - -

A system to clean streetcar windows found its way onto the automobile.
A system to clean streetcar windows found its way onto the automobile.

- - - I couldn't drive to my grandkids' house in the rain. Seeing the problem a street car operator had in the rain, Mary Anderson invented a "Window Cleaning Device" for streetcar windows or, as it's known now, the windshield wiper.

If I were a racist - - -

Lonnie Johnson, aerospace engineer.
Lonnie Johnson, aerospace engineer.

- - - I couldn't play gun battle with my grandsons because I couldn't use their Super Soakers, invented by Lonnie Johnson, an aerospace engineer who also invented a thermoelectric energy converter for the aerospace industry.

Thank goodness I can take everyone at face value for what they can do for us and not how they look.

How would your life change if you were racist or sexist?
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  • Teahappy
    People are still racist and eat peanut butter, use toilets, use the stoplight, and still listen to music with rhythm and beat. The world would be so boring if there wasn't blacks, hispanics, Asians, indians. If it was only whites, especially racist whites. It would be boring.
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    • I would love a world with no nuckle draggers

    • Massageman

      I think you got the gist of this MyTake. It was a bit of satirical-sarcasm to point these things out. Maybe I was a bit too subtle? Here's your well-deserved MHO.

    • Xoirwinkan

      I disagree with your last line. "Whites" are quite diverse, and would you consider it racist if I said that it would be boring if their were only blacks?

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Straight_Shooter
    I get your point, but it's a little over the top. In fact, if the most valuable contributions out minorities and women to society that you can come up with are peanut butter, iced tea, windshield wipers and super soakers, I'd tend to think you are racist and sexist.
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    • Massageman

      I don't believe I ever said they were the "most valuable". I simply picked things I use frequently. And actually, it really never gets near the top, yet alone over the top.

    • It's a little absurd to suggest that racists won't eat peanut butter, isn't it? Does the mere fact that someone eats peanut butter prove they aren't racist? Again, I get your point, but it's academically juvenile at best.

    • Massageman

      Yes, you got the point. Sorry this MyTake had to resort to such a simplistic way of portraying things, but still so many missed the point. Maybe I was too subtle?

  • ItsAMeA
    Love the satire and sarcasm here.
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    • XD...

    • Massageman

      I'm glad that you saw through the facade here and caught my drift. Here's your well-deserved MHO. Obviously, if someone has a belief, an invention or theory probably won't change their belief system. Our society- however- has come down to this type of thinking! And the media and business are all too happy to keep stirring up the pot. This MyTake was meant to cast some light on it. I do, however, abide by my last pull-quote at the bottom and DO try to take each person as an individual

    • I agree, Massageman.

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  • ThisDudeHere
    Being racists does not exclude one from consuming or using products invented by a person of another race. I mean, by that logic alone, only Africans could eat cooked meat.
  • Stingray444
    I don't like to even think about that. I fell asleep watching Will Smith have his birthday party last night and it was emotional, especially when his wife was there in the end.

    Everyone deserves equal rights and if I was racist or sexist then I would have a lot less happiness for other people as well as myself. It'd honestly be sad
  • Dongtai
    I wouldn’t have dated the women I’ve dated and I wouldn’t have the friends I have now. Probably wouldn’t have the job I have now, so depending on how I made money, I’d either not be graduating from school next year or I’d have a lot of debt instead of no debt.

    I think my life would be pretty sad compared to what I have now if I lived my life in a box versus exposing myself to all people and learning to love them.
  • hellionthesagereborn
    Well first, George Washington Carver did not invent peanutbutter (ironically that was one of the few peanut based products he didn't create). Second you wouldn't be able to do plasma transfusions as the man who invented that was black (or appreciate the three musketeers as Alexander Dumas was black) etc. Third, you forgot to point out whites, we invented things too (I don't like how people present racism as if its only something white people do when in fact all groups practiced it for all of history), we where the ones who pushed to end slavery in the world so if we where racist against whites we wouldn't be able to appreciate the fact that all of us (whites included) don't have to worry about slavery as well as the idea that we should judge people based upon merit not immutable characteristics (a product of the enlightenment period). we also wouldn't be able to appreciate math, specifically as it pertains to the concept of zero (Indians invented it), or algebra (middle eastern), etc. etc. If we where sexist we wouldn't be able to appreciate civilization (built on the backs of men, maintained by men etc.) etc. etc. I don't particularly like these things because they always single out whites and men, as if we never contributed and as if we are the only ones capable of sexism and racism (ironic because this is descrimination and by extension would be racism and sexism). Not accusing you of anything, just annoyed that this thinking, of reducing every one down to their skin color is so common (I appreciate the last comment you made, I would have taken this seriously otherwise (satire and parody are difficult when the world gets to the point of absurd as any claims you make are going to seem genuine by comparison).
  • whitehide
    I'm ashamed of it, but I used to be racist and I feel disgusted of my past self because of it. I saw people of other ethinicities as inferior to me. But a wonderful Indian girl saved me from my ignorance, and opened my eyes, she was a true angel, for lack of a better word. I'm proud to say that I'm not racist anymore.
    • whitehide

      If I hadn't changed my ways, then there would be so many wonderful people I wouldn't have gotten to know. So I'm glad that I did.

  • If I were a racist, I couldn't go outside without wearing my vibrant red MAGA hat. Just like the weirdo in my neighborhood who I see all the time walking his dog.
  • OddBeMe
    Interesting references to great inventors. But that’s not racism. Bigots would use inventions by blacks and women and even have pleasant convos at work with everyone. But they would just falsely believe that race affects intelligence when there’s no science to back that up. So basically they just want to feel superior while still enjoying everything everyone else does.
  • zagor
    Yeah, that's assuming racists wouldn't be willing to use something developed by some group they dislike. I doubt many racists refuse to eat at a restaurant just because the server is whatever.
  • _SOARER_
    Haha I get your points. I am not racist because I understand every race is distinct in their behavior and culture, and it's these differences which allow them to innovate.
  • Nice but the problem is that racist and sexist are weak insecure stupid men* who are world class hypocritical cowards... they never are man enough to own up to it. Saying/agreeing to all types of racist crap but shocked and horrified when called on it.

    *yes, I know there are plenty of dull-witted racist/sexist women as well...
  • Pink2000
    If I were racist then I wouldn’t be attending a predominately white institute... I’d i were racist then I wouldn’t volunteer anywhere.
  • znouj
    Stupid thread, that's like asking what your life would be if you were a heretic or a wog (Scientology).

    Racism only means anything if you bought into a retarded ideology that was forced upon you by birth like a religion. Only stupid people who aren't critical thinkers continue to buy into it.
    • znouj

      Also, what are you implying with this? Are you saying most of those people wouldn't have existed because of sexism or Racism? Buddy, most of those people existed during it and we all exist today with racism simultaneously.

  • just_a_potato
    I'd be a sad peice of shit if I were, well I mean I already am but at least I'm not sexist or racist lol
  • Bananaman177
    To be honest, my life didn't change that much.

    I still enjoy my favorite tea, I just hate the black bastard that founded the company, and his uppity slut of a wife.
  • NickiB
    I would be angry and miserable because I would be to busy constantly obsessing over everything other races do to enjoy my life.
  • khalibe
    We build space shuttles but still struggling to decipher, that we are all human beings having similar wants, that's rich
  • lucas262
    Im racist to stereotypes.
    Not every black person is good gansta but the perception is perpetuated through white society it alienates us from living in harmony and that is 1 example there are countless.

    Stereotypes are bad.
  • KieranByrne
    I'd make a terrible racist; over the top -possibly be on a few talk shows, go to the rallies etc, and being sexist 🤷‍♂️. Be beat up. Females can be stronger than what men/people perceive or say.
  • Babygirl_S
    What does a PBJ or iced tea have to do with racism tho? They taste good. I didn't understand this post 🤔
    • The rationale behind many racist or sexist things makes no sense unless you are those people who claim these things. As a white male I'm no longer allowed to ask a black lady for her ID, which is racist, even though she looks 19 and wants to buy alcohol. So I'm forced to deny many sales, which is racist, unless she is understanding enough to provide me her ID. Many times at work I'm just racist for being white and a bigot for being male. It doesn't have to make sense. I dont blame these kids, they dont know what racism is and I'm glad they dont. It sucks being discriminated against. I just dont like the wolves that cry wolf.

    • Ok so pb&j is racist to a single principle in Oregon, who believes people in Somalia or Mexico or Spain dont eat pb&j. So eating pb&j is in their eyes is no different than asking them for a culinary equivalent, which is racist.
      This is what fake news is referring to, in my opinion. It's just outlandish claims that try to justify accusations that make no sense

    • Babygirl_S

      Brother I'm clearly not black

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  • Kayla45
    Yes, because I couldn't be the person I set myself out to be.
  • wonderingwoman2
    Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena is white. What are you talking about, races are negroid, caucasian and mongolian. So what are you talking about?
  • ObscuredBeyond
    There is some inherently in these if everything must be made about it. Yes, I'm naturally sexually attracted to Asian women more; but I still let content of character dictate which ones I pay the most attention to. If she has the heart of a pig, having pretty eyes won't mask it for long.

    Of course, I can also be more careful analyzing the personal character of each. My grandparents tend to think all Asians are spies. To which I say: "If she were a spy, she'd be assigned to someone else by now. Because her superiors would get bored of me pretty quickly."
  • Kreneman
    My life would be horrible if I were to be those things and I thank God that I am not. I have love and respect for everybody.
  • megaman242
    If I was rasist then I could eat only around 20% of all the food in stores. Same with clothes. Even less if I was sexiest on top of it.
  • yourfavperson
    Knowing black people for only peanut butter is the saddest thing i could read lmao
    • Maybe he just meant PBJ is his favorite thing

  • Dchrls78104
    If I were racist:
    1. I wouldn't work where I do. I have many coworkers of different races.
    2. I wouldn't live where I do. My country is full of people of different races and many mixtures of races. The crisis in Venezuela has led many Venezuelans to flee their homeland for other places so I'm seeing a lot of them here now. Many of the girls are 1st-class pretty. I'd look for the first flight to Africa and stay there.
    3. I wouldn't be on G@G. Here there are whites, blacks, Asians... you name it, and I converse with all hopefully without drama.
    If I were sexist:
    1. I'd hate my sisters, my mother, and all my female relatives.
    2. I wouldn't be on G@G. Instead I'd fly to America or Canada and join the Incels, spending every day dissing females. Or I'd be one of those simps who call themselves (male) feminists.
    Finally, if I were racist or sexist, I wouldn't be a Christian. The Bible condemns both isms: "He that liveth not, knoweth not God, for God is love" (1 John 4:8).
  • bamesjond0069
    I am not racist or sexist except everyone says I am.

    For race, I just don't like ghetto culture. I don't think anything bad about other races but if they do drugs and dress in saggy pants and buy cars that cost more than their homes I definitely discriminate against people like that, white black Hispanic or otherwise.

    With women I just acknowledge that I am physically stronger, I have a penis and they have a vagina, they produce babies and I don't. I am more aggressive due to testosterone. So I mean saying men and women are different and acting accordingly is sexist by most standards these days.
  • Nadim171
    I'm none but I just can't be especially a sexist, i spent too much time fighting Islamic sexism
  • Jackblue
    Many people who don't like white people use things white people invented. It doesn't mean anything either way.
    • She's using irony. Saying hardcore racists, sexists should eliminate every vestige of black people's contributions... even the tiniest things...

    • But I don't know anything. I'm a jealous manly feminist. Jeez.

    • Jackblue

      @Screenwriter Ok then.

  • Michael_Hunt
    Alright, then by the contrapositive, if I use a super soaker, I'm not racist. Sounds good to me!
  • Liam_Hayden
    I wouldn't have 80% of my friends or any of my relatives.
  • UncleBumbleF_K
    How would my life change if I weren't a sexist? I don't care.
  • familiarity
    If I were racist
    I will not be able to watch football
  • adidas0169
    1st of all we all racist and sexist to a certain degree. no matter how much people want to say that they aren't. does it make us bad hell no its just human nature. for anyone to say that to say that they aren't they need to pull there heads out of there asses and look around. whites are more hated by any other race around. white males even more so. look at the media they paint a negative view on them. the last president if you want to call him that and his AG were horrible about it. so ita everywhere will it ever change sure if you lived middle of no where and never came to town then sure.
  • Disoriented_Shinpi
    People of other races made things! Imagine my shock!

    Now make an article on how your life would change if you were anti-semitic.
  • TruthIs
    If that's what racism is, I guess I'm not racist after all. =D
  • AD240pCharlie
    I can't relate. According to the media, I'm already both racist and sexist and worse than Hitler.
  • Sabretooth
    People would have real ammo to use against me instead of lies.
  • NerdInDenial
    Nothing would change
  • WhiteShoulder
    That is so awesome 💗
  • BlacklightShade
    FYI, many people who are racist don’t realize it.
  • CheyenneBae
    This is very smart.
  • HuskerCAR2567
    My life would be miserable
  • empressK1
    I love this!
  • JKingOff
    I'd probably be dead and single.
  • stuntbrain
    Being called those things would no longer be funny
  • Princeofaljazra
    im proud racist against blacks and latinos.
  • Shamalien
    id fuck ya mada okai?
  • Anonymous
    Then I would be just like the rest of america.
  • Anonymous
    How would my life change if I were racist or sexist? Well 1st I'd go live in America where they're handing out racism & sexism like candy!

    How would your life change if you were racist or sexist?