Homeless shelters are kind of dumb.


Doesn't this just look bizarre?

Bunch of beds in a big room with a couple banners that read 'Healing' and 'Dignity.' Like, what?

If a person is homeless it's because they ran out of money. Really simple. The way to get money is to get hired.

Okay, right?

So they should get a job. Obviously.

But that's the definition of unemployment, seeking a job (without having one). Some homeless have jobs, but let's exclude them for this discussion. Let's assume all the homeless here are unemployed and they just ran out of money trying to cover expenses, and so say they just got evicted and that was the end of that. End of story, they're homeless now.

The question I want to ask is this: why doesn't somebody hire them? Surprise, I'm twisting this one and pinning it on the community business owners.

What's wrong with you that you won't hire an unemployed person?


This is the question that we as a society need to fess up to. Because in all seriousness, what is that homeless shelter?

It's just a big room to stuff the people nobody wants to hire into so that they can feel better about not hiring them. Like, 'yeah I mean I do own the means of production and all, so I guess the least I can do is donate to a shelter.'


I don't know man. There's something really nasty and messed up about this situation when you break things down and realize that the same people funding shelters are the same people who are business owners. That's all I'm saying.


Homeless shelters are kind of dumb.
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  • Kaneki05
    It's called idiots not realising that hiring a homeless person is basicaly a free worker and if they smell bad give them a free shower and some basic clothes not expensive to do at all then boom they look fit to work But it is also called ilegal.

    It is ilegal to hire someone without ID homeless people tend not to have ID, and ones who want them would need to pay, and actaul meet whatever the ID needs heck some need a place you have lived for 3 years which ofc cannot be streets.
    Then also it is ilegal to hire someone who don't have a rent or some bs.
    it's all legal shit tbh.
    which are all really dumb. Then the fact they could be drug users and shit.
    then there records of maybe bad grades or unrealibleness or just no work hinders everything.
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  • MrOracle
    In the US, you have 2 groups of homeless: short-term homeless who generally get a new job and recover within a year, and long-term homeless. Jobs help the short-term homeless.

    If you look at long-term homeless, many are mentally ill but due to changes in the law cannot be held in an institution against their will. Most others are addicts - both alcohol or drugs - and most have no interest in quitting. Finally, a few are people who simply don't want to be told what to do - they don't want to work or bathe or be on-time or whatever.

    For these long-term homeless, a job isn't going to help them - many can barely function and very few are in any state to work.

    Until we stop talking about this as a "homeless" problem and start talking about it as a mental illness and/or substance abuse problem, nothing will change.

    Giving either group free housing just results in destroyed housing or people who won't accept it because it comes with rules. That's not the answer.
    • douride2

      Best comment on this question.

    • Flower7

      @douride2 I agree... this is a very insightful comment and is very well thought out.

  • Smegskull
    Wasn't it the army that found after testing there was about 15% of the population that they couldn't find anything they could do productively.

    Who will hire drivers when Google car is everywhere?

    Soon all the homeless people will just have #learntocode tattoos.
    • Robertcw

      I agree. Not everyone can learn to code. That's a dumb assumption.

      I didn't realize the 15% figure, that's a really high number.

    • DorkVader

      And automation is set to make a lot of people unemployed, so what happens then?

    • Robertcw

      @DorkVader Well I say make the robots slaves and switch to socialism so we all get paid on the profits of the machine labour. I know it's crazy.

      A more practical solution is a freedom dividend or a federal jobs guarantee.

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  • SjE78
    having spent time in a homeless shelter from 2015 to mid 2016
    I can quite catagorically state they are not dumb and the fact that many homeless people dont become homeless because of losing money due to bad management of their finances, being an alcoholic or even drug abuse/addiction
    and a fair few homeless people were in employment but unfortunately many employers' won't employ someone without a fixed address or if they are homeless.
    I was lucky when i was in this situation cos of my ex wife, i moved south (in the UK) and for a short time i stayed with family, I managed to get 2 jobs while i was without my own home, only cos i had a fixed address at the time, albeit a temprorary one. then health struck again and i needed to find myself a job which i could do physically, that's where my second job was applied for.
    a couple of months into my 2nd job, i found myself needing to look for a home, unfortunately the local council for housing was dragging their heels about helping me, as far as they saw it i had employment, so therefore i wasn't a priority. but the income from both jobs wasn't sufficient to private rent. and due to disability and ill health this made it even harder.
    over the following months i ended up in a night shelter, while holding down the 2nd job as the shelter conflicted with my work hours for my other job.
    I collapsed at work when my back went out and my health started taking an even more worse turn.
    then a few months into my job i collapsed in the shelter, i was rushed to hospital where they did an emergency operation which the surgeon stated had i have ignored what happened any longer, had i have not been admitted to hospital I would be dead. apparently a 20+ year old issue had become life threatening.
    during my time in the shelter i learned so much, not everything is as black and white as we are lead to believe, only a small number of homelessness is because of gambling, drugs or alcohol addiction/abuse... the most common reason for people being on the streets or in that situation was relationship breakdown, loss of family, health issues... so when you see a homeless person... dont assume they did it to themselves cos you may find that they actually didn't, dont even bother to assume that their situation was cos of poor personaly decisions, cos chances are you'd be seriously way off.
    and many of those on the street are refused work due to their circumstances and cos of teh fact that closed minds and assumptions can often give the wrong impression
  • PrimalInstinct
    Absolutely no offense but you should go work in a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen for a month. You'll learn. I worked with homeless & street people as part of an after-hours weekend group colleagues did at my last job for 5 years.

    And let me give you a basic education on it. A number of homeless aren't homeless because they simply ran out of money. Mental issues, disabilities, drug or alcohol problems, abandonment by their dear & loving country (veterans), language problems, sheer lack of skill, illegal immigration, minority status, and of course criminal records.

    If you think it's so easy for such people to get hired, they'd be off the streets already.
    But when some cities have a high unemployment rate (California, where homelessness is particularly bad, a number of major cities have unemployment above average) why would someone hire a person off the street versus a skilled worker?
    • I agree with much of what you say, but you are showing a pretty bad bias. California has done a particularly bad job and has exploded the homeless crisis (and yes it is a crisis). The policies of liberal cities that refuse to recognize the overwhelming majority of homeless are afflicted with drug/alcohol problems is one particularly bad omission.

      You must be a white person, as your statement "being of minority status" is a risk factor for homelessness... is that not racist?

      What do homeless people really need? First a safe place to sleep, eat, detox. Second, they need treatment for addiction/mental issues. Third, skills training and job placement --- almost everyone can do something, however menial.

      With earning an income formerly homeless will begin to re-enter society as productive people.

      lastly, we have to recognize that some people will always fall through the cracks. This is just a reality in a big country.

      I completely agree that the homeless problem is one that should be aggressively addressed with REALISTIC approaches (not candy land liberal approaches).

    • @KrakenAttackin California was the easiest example regarding high unemployment & predominant homelessness, nothing more. And it isn't drug/alcohol abuse that's rampant there, do kindly educate yourself. There are large illegal immigrant & minority groups in California brought in to work the farms for below liveable wages subsequently forgotten about.

      I must be a white person? ROFL. Have you ever heard the saying, to assume is to make an ass of U & me. It's a statement of fact. As for statement being of minority status being racist? I forgot we live in a lala land where fact is offensive. To not state something like that is to ignore it & remain blissfully stupidly ignorant.

      You really do think it's that easy? Pfft. You know about as much as the homeless as the guy who originally posted - close to nothing.

      The mental health system is overworked & understaff - and poorly trained as exemplified by cops who have such shit mental health awareness - for people who *have* working jobs & insurance where or how on earth do you think it'd be spread to seriously include homeless? And as said it's far more than that.

      Third skills training and job placement --- almost everyone can do something, however menial - did you miss out on the fact a number of homeless have criminal records? Did you miss out on the fact there's a high unemployment rate in a number of cities? Did you miss out on the fact a number have mental issues - treatment doesn't work if someone doesn't believe in 'crappy western medicine'? Did you miss out on a number are illegal immigrants? Did you miss out on the fact a number are minorities and racism is very real in America?

      Jeez. Like I said to the OP. Go work in a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen. You're sheltered white lifestyle is almost as bad as the liberals & their ignorance.

    • Robertcw

      Actually we agree. My whole point is everything you said. The dumb part is that nobody hires them.

      We have things they can do.

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  • Waffles731
    A. You've obviously led an INCREDIBLY privileged life.
    B. That's what people like FDR did and people like Sanders want, a way to make the unemployed feel good about themselves, contribute to society, all while yes working for the government unless you are both literally unable to work, but your privileged life doesn't let you see the world for what it actually is
    • Robertcw

      I support Sanders and FDR. 0% unemployment + a min. wage high enough to pay rent is the obvious solution.

      The only thing stopping this are businesses who don't hire the unemployed.

  • SirRexington
    Homelessness is seriously misunderstood here the U. S. we treat them as criminals instead of victims of a system that is stacked against them. Who wants to hire a person who likely can't shower regularly, who doesn't have reliable transportation, doesn't have an address to send a check to? Not a lot of people. Yet still, nationally around 44% of homeless people (that we know of) work at least one job. We also know that between 40-60% of people who are homeless have disabilities. Another 30% are veterans, many of whom have disabilities. About 25% of homeless people are singles mother's mothers or women escaping abuse, foster children that never got adopted and victims of healthcare bankruptcy.

    Most homeless people do drugs AFTER they become homeless. Which is something I don't support doing but most people don't realize this fact. Homelessness isn't about a lack of values or skill or character, it's a lack of opportunities, access to resources and money.

    Homelessness is a financial burden on the economy as well. If we spend in the short term to end large scale homelessness for the long term then we will save money. People need shelter first, not a job.

    And shelters are dangerous. The majority of people who go to shelters are criminals and druggies. The majority of homeless people stay out of the way of shelters because it's safer there then at the shelter... they only come around when it gets cold.

    I've been homeless since 2016. I live in my car. Its difficult. I have multiple disabilities that have gotten worse as time goes on. Same as my mom. I need a roof over my head where I can cook my own food, create content online and make money that way.
  • talloak
    Just as an exercise, put on filthy clothes and apply for jobs. In the application, put down no recent work and no address or phone number. Take a wild guess how many job offers you will get?

    Your philosophy makes you responsible to hire homeless people to help resolve the problem. If you are unwilling to do so then you are a heartless bastard who blames victims of problems that you help create.
  • Avicenna
    Have you seen the background checks even menial jobs put applicants through these days? Someone with bad credit has little chance of getting hired.
  • Catnap240z
    I worked near a homeless aid. It is unfortunate to those who are humble and want nothing more than to eat and have a safe place to lay their head without being attacked or have their items taken by others. I try helping those who want to do tasks for me for food. I even share my lunch with a few who I can personally say I trust. But there are many bad apples out there. So bad that the ones I trusted warned me to be careful around them or even tell them to leave. The ones who steal, harass or just straight up drunk or high. I do wish the ones who do good would have a better chance to have a job and thrive. Sadly, the bad ones make it hard to think that there are some who are worthy to have a job. I know my boss would not give them a chance even if I recommended ones to them (and I have). Best way for them to get a job is probably labor work.
    • Robertcw

      That is true. Some homeless people *are* scary and genetic freaks.

      For instance, I've seen a few guys on the street I wouldn't f*ck with. A couple were insanely tall, at least 6'5" or more. Honestly looked about 7" and I'm not even joking. I know what 6' looks like and they were significantly taller than that with highly masculine faces. I was like 'nope.'

      I've also seen guys who were normal heights but super jacked with fucked up teeth and intimidating faces. I mean they have no food so I don't know how they keep up the muscle mass, seriously.

      There definitely is a small portion of homeless who are just scary ass genetic monsters who can handle harsh conditions and laugh it off. They had women with them too. It's wild.

    • Robertcw

      They're honestly probably injecting Tren or other steroids.

  • meesegoMoo
    Who is going to shower them? I know Christians who try to either hire homeless, or introduce them to people who will, most just won't. And there IS a reason.

    Who is going to drug test them? Most of the homeless population is addicted to some kind of drug, and these habits often keep them homeless. Who's going to rehabilitate them? What about mental illness? A huge section of the homeless population suffers from extreme mental illness, and this is true throughout the world. Schizophrenics without any resources to deal with their problem often end up homeless, could they really be expected to do any better? These illnesses are disabilities and that particular section of the homeless population NEEDS treatment. How do we tell the junkies and those in need of pharmaceutical intervention apart?
    • Robertcw

      I think that is the root of the problem. Many respond by bussing them out if a city, which clearly represents a community which views itself as better than the average person and the unemployed people as worthless individuals. Rather than hire them so they can work, they don't even want their work. Would rather just shoo them away instead.

      Many right-wing politicians argue homeless are welfare leeches and such -- so why not hire them then? Unless the answer is that actually deep down they view them as just basically lower in worth and don't want them to work.

    • meesegoMoo

      You countered not a single argument I put forth. Please rebut properly. All those problems I mentioned are still there. I believe many of them are a drain on the system, that's why I want them to work and pay taxes. I think many of them would if sober. Most people who aren't high would rather not be homeless, it's a displeasant way of life.

      Actually read the first thing I wrote, then suggest some solutions to the problem. Should you have solutions, I would gladly agree with you and act on those locally with any community leaders I may meet.

    • Robertcw

      I think there are plenty of regular people who have no addiction to drugs of any kind who just run out of money.

      You know, they could be fired for being late and then not get rehired soon and that's it. Evicted and so forth.

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  • JustJen
    Depends. Some are homeless because of bad circumstances, like losing their source of income, in other cases there are other underlying causes like drug/alcohol addiction and/or mental illness.
  • MackToday
    It's more complicated than that. "Homeless people" are almost always severely mentally ill. Society doesn't want to provide the facilities to take care of them so the turn them lose in the streets. Calling them homeless is just a way to deny what they really are.
  • nukankuru
    Speaking from experience of 20 odd years of homelessness people won't hire homeless people because of one thing that is media scrutiny by which it is broadcasted that homeless people are 10 times more likely to have a mental illness and or have drug addiction and alcoholism and cannot afford to pay for rent I mean the fact that the rental in this country has gone through the roof along with everything else you need to purchase living on the streets in some cases you feel like you have money for a while. However the majority of people who are homeless are addicted to drugs and have mental health issues. I don't think this should prevent employers from not considering hiring them but social stigma attached to the title of being a homeless person is what drives their decision. Myself personally have not let this affect me to the point I became a democracy ambassador for the Victorian electrol commission in the lead up to the 2018 state election and currently on the way to becoming the advocate for the homeless people in Victoria liaison between the government and people who I will be representing. Being homeless is not an excuse it's only a reason for ignorance.
  • igiem
    I’m not saying you are wrong, but you are looking at this in the wrong way. People who are homeless do not necessarily have no money. They may have mental disabilities, they might have had their money stolen, they could be immigrants or refugees and have no means of support themselves. People who lump them into the “no money” stereotype or the “slacker”, “degenerate” stereotypes dehumanizes them further. Homeless shelters offer these people a place to feel human again and also gives them a place to stay warm, fees their families, rest, socialize and over all enjoy life just a little more.

    Just remember that there is always more to the story than just the “the have no money” and they are poor.
    • Robertcw

      That could be. I guess this applies to the have no money and no one will hire me crowd.

  • Anoniemus
    One of the ways to deal with homelessness is tackling poverty. That said, I agree.
  • JesseTheMan
    People don't get homeless over here. Not getting a job doesn't justify treating people like they don't deserve to live.
    I guess a shelter is better than dying on the streets but proper social security systems actually work and let people live like human beings.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    1. They might have an addiction be it drugs, alcohol, gambling etc
    2. They might have a lengthy criminal record.
    3. The skills they do have that could get them a job most would make a career out of might not be in demand where they are.
    4. They could be to far mentally gone.
    If it was as easy as you make it out to be then there would not be as many people living on the streets, in parks etc as there is.
  • Jackblue
    Homeless people do not usually have the experience and educational credentials to be useful to employers. Hiring people is a big commitment, even a full time minimum wage salary is a large burden for a business. A lot of homeless people have criminal records or drug addictions. What happens if they injure themselves or another employee (or even just say something racist or sexist) then the business could lose millions in lawsuits.
    • Jackblue

      There are no easy solutions to poverty, but homeless shelters are a lot more than nothing.

  • Voruund
    Little known fun fact: It's cheaper to just give a homeless person a house than it is following the systems we currently have in place for them.
  • bamesjond0069
    Um we can't hire people that dont apply or if they do they are unqualified. I met a homeless man sitting in front of the propery i owed covered in bricks. I said if you stack all these bricks in a pile ill pay you $15 an hour cash. Which is a lot because i live in a place where many people make federal min wage of $7. He said no. So obviously thats why he's homeless.
  • douride2
    I look at it a little different. Most of the homeless or street people around here are that way because they spend what ever money the get on drugs or alcohol.
    • tr506814

      No I used to be in one. They drug test you so you can't get in unless you are clean. Also some people get jobs and are out of there within month or two and are back on their feet

  • wankiam
    as someone who helps the homeless from time to time and spends time talking to them there is only one thing looks dumb here
  • Daniela1982
    It is hard to get hired for a job if you have no address, phone, or bank account and if you smell like a dumpsterHomeless shelters are kind of dumb.. Also homeless shelters are mostly for families. It's main purpose is to shelter people in a dry and warm place in inclement weather and to see they at least get something to eat.Homeless shelters are kind of dumb.
  • WalterBlack
    This looks like an emergency shelter or warming center. In other words, a temporary homeless shelter that does NOT operate on a continuous basis.

    Homelessness is a complicated subject. Some homeless people have problems with physical or mental illness or substance abuse which makes it very difficult to get or keep a job. Other homeless people are voluntarily unemployed because they are unwilling to work. Some communities just do not have enough jobs for unskilled workers. Or the homeless person may have job skills which are not currently in demand.
  • Thalia95
    Lot of the homeless are veterans who come home broken.
  • Nadim171
    sure, but some homeless people are homeless because they don't want to work
    • Robertcw

      Not true. Believe it or not, sometimes it is businesses who don't want them to work.

      They could want to work and just not get hired, and wind up in a shelter. That's exactly what's dumb about homelessness in these cases.

      Sometimes it can be domestic abuse or low wages, but unemployment is a solid reason.

  • razzamatazzp01
    Well homeless shelters are good thing because without them, those people would be on the sidewalks in tents. Take a look at the epidemic in California. Is that what you would want for where you live? Also sometimes it's really cold, and it's nice for them to have shelter as well so the next day there's not a whole bunch of dead Frozen bums on the sidewalk. there's always going to be extreme poverty, and extreme wealth. It doesn't really matter why they're homeless or what I need to do to get money. some of them, especially the ones who use drugs are content with their life the way that it is.
  • anametouse
    I see your point and it's not wrong, but I think there's more to it than that. You would also have to consider that particular homeless person's issues or reasons for being homeless. If they are addicted to drugs then they make for poor workers especially if the drug takes precedence over his or her employment, ya know skipping days not showing up always hella late that kinda thing. Then it becomes the point of why are they even hired?

    Not to discredit your point at all, you are correct to say that business owners tend to be greedy bitches and could easily contribute way more if they were not so caught up in making the most profit, but then if it's an advantage to be homeless with proper housing and food why be employed at all? Some assholes would take advantage of that for sure.
  • Nik1hil
    Homeless shelter is something that should be maintained and improved..
  • Marriedwith2
    The bigoted and stupid like to think that homeless people are just lazy losers who don't want to work... smh

    I remember volunteering at a shelter and met a middle-class family whose home had burned down, they had no other options and decided not to sleep outside on a December night... granted those same stupid people wouldn't insult them because they were young and white.

    My point is the tiniest thing can mess your life up... sometimes it's a loss of a job... sometimes it's just horrific luck.

    Some people just have a horrible lack of empathy and are just bad people. (we know who they are)
    • Flower7

      That's true that sometimes random circumstances can be life-changing. Things can be turned upside down in an instant.

  • drickettstxx
    Ok as someone who has lived in a homeless shelter its not that black and white and homeless are not all the same. Its not the fact that i didn't want a job its that i couldnt. And after about 9 months of working a 9 to 5 then i could buy an apartment.

    This is honestly ignorant, i lived with mothers, fathers and all of them had their with their kids with them. Its not that we were choosing to not own up to our responsibilities its that we had circumstances that forced us out of our previous homes or we didn't have the finacial support for it. I lived in a 5 story shelter not like this. I lived in Lotus shelter overtown miami.
  • Mel78
    With all due respect, you have no clue what you're talking about. You just slapped together a theory based on no first hand knowledge.
    If you want to stop the homless epidemic in America, then you just need to kill all the drug dealers.
    It has nothing to do with money or jobs, it's all about drugs. Meth and heroine are fucking huge right now. Shelters require you to be clean before you can stay there. Most of the street people don't want that, so they choose to live on the street.
    I might not be a GAG editor, but I work with this stuff on a daily basis.
    • KelliOcean

      Don't just kill the drug dealers, kill big phrma that's cranking out the artificial heroine that's doled out like candy, via the tax payer's expense.

    • Mel78

      Suboxone is the latest and greatest scam out there. It turns rich people richer, and addicts into zombies.

  • DoodleGal94
    You're kinda dumb
    • DorkVader

      How so? Because you disagree?

    • First and foremost I want to let you know I do support the LGBT community, so i understand why you out here sticking up for your friend of Dorothy. #NoProbsMan

    • DorkVader

      Ah, there it is. I see the language of the troll post. Nevermind. I misunderstood thatI was addressing a defecating ass here

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  • Flower7
    Interesting perspective.
  • A lot of them are being bussed here to NC
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • Chase7777
    Idiots should die.
  • Anonymous
    Most homeless people are mentally ill. They couldn’t get steady work if they tried. This issue dates back to when Reagan was the California governor. Read this:

  • Anonymous
    A lot of homeless people don't want jobs they just not free stuff.

    It's always funny to look up the videos of people going up to the home was would sign saying will work when begging for money and offering them a job and then denying it.

    Or when they clean out homeless encampments and the vast majority of the homeless don't want to go to the shelter because they like they're like on the street getting free money from the government doing drugs
    • DorkVader

      How do they get free money from the government without an address? Please explain

    • Anonymous

      It's not required in many States. Take California for example you don't need a real address you can just give an Intersection. The fact is the homeless problem is really just a bunch of lazy people who want to live in A-tent all day you he drugs and the government saying that's all right if that's what you want to do and enabling the problem.