Why racists and bigots hate The First Amendment.


The First Amendment to the US Constitution has once again come under fire by racists and bigots. This time they are claiming The First Amendment should be abolished or "limited" (by them ofcourse) because it allows racists to speak. While this is true, the part too many people miss is that it allows racists and bigots to be CRITISCIZED as well. When people are allowed to critiscize racist, bigoted, and other stupid ideas those ideas can never flourish in society for long!

Why racists and bigots hate The First Amendment.

The First Amendment also allows for what is known as the "Freedom of Association" meaning people can organize peacably into political groups. The Abolitionist movement in America got its start thanks exclusively to the protections afforded by The First Amendment! One of the first groups to organize to oppose slavery, a bigoted and government backed institution, was the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery founded and led by Benjamin Franklin and actually petitioned Congress in 1790 to end the slave trade. Many other abolitionist groups were organized.

Why racists and bigots hate The First Amendment.


In the 1820s the Free Press clause of The First Amendment allowed the formation of "The Liberator" a newspaper that openly called for the complete abolition of slavery! It was the response of racists, bigots and tyrants, not to call for free speech but to call for CENSORSHIP!

In the 1830s Southern States begining with Missouri began passing laws attempting to outlaw all speech, press, even Religious sermons that in any way critiscized slavery. All under the guise that it "Incited violence."


This is key because you can be arrested for violence then as now racists, bigots and tyrants are trying to turn speech that critscizes them into "inciting violence" because the only way these hateful people can win an argument is if their opposition is arrested and silenced.

Why racists and bigots hate The First Amendment.

After the Civil War, many racists and bigots in Southern states partitcularly still discriminated against Blacks. It was the First Amendment that allowed critiscism of their behavior that eventually led to the downfall of Jim Crow, and later the reduction in size and influence of racist organizations such as the klan.

Now in modern America racist, bigoted people in government, academia, press, and corporations are telling Americans that The First Amendment needs to be "limited" or "curated" by them, because "racists." Meanwhile many call for racial segregation and promote the idea that an entire group of people is "racist" because of the color of their skin. Do not be fooled!

1. Racists and bigots inferior ideas cannot survive when the Freedoms garanteed by The First Amendment are allowed. This is why they try so desperately to censor!

2. Saying any speech that exposes them as racists, bigots, or fascists are somehow "incitement to violence" is the SAME EXCUSE they used in the antebellum South to try and continue SLAVERY! Do not be fooled!

As Abolitionist Fredrick Douglass once said:

Abolitionist Fredrick Douglass
Abolitionist Fredrick Douglass
Why racists and bigots hate The First Amendment.
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  • Exterminatore
    You make many great points but I can’t fully agree. I think these people in reality love the first amendment…. for now….. despite being adamant about changing it.


    Because these people have been exploiting the freedoms we have to bring communism and socialism here. They use that free speech to spread lies and condemn those who don’t agree. For example. They are free to say “if you invert your penis, dress in drag, have hormone therapy and give you’re self a girls name then you are a woman.” Is that true? Absolutely you are, pardon the expression a dickless dude. No I one can actually change their sex. They then use that same freedom of speech to condemn and attempt to shame everyone who doesn’t agree with their lies. They basically say: “if you don’t think being trans is ok or if you think it’s strange, abnormal, morally objectionable or disagree for any reason, then you’re a hate filled biggot who wants nothing more than to steal these peoples humanity by dehumanizing them and you’d have them all murdered if you could.” Once again another lie. There are a lot of variables in between full acceptance and fully being against that don’t necessarily include hate but simply disagreeing with the premise.

    Without our freedoms these people would be unable to indoctrinate people. So I believe they love the freedoms we have and view them as vehicles to achieve their ends until they usher in their communist paradise. Then we’ll see the truth in who they are as they suspend and extinguish those freedoms making it impossible to have dissent.
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    • Yes, but these same people are pro CENSORSHIP. The same ones who say, " “if you invert your penis, dress in drag, have hormone therapy and give you’re self a girls name then you are a woman.” They also claim that if YOU don't agree you are "commiting violence" against them! Sound familiar? Just like in the antebellum South even the mildest critiscisms of slavery they said "incited violence."

      ***This is key because you can be ARRESTED for a violent act***

      Yes communists and socialists, only want free speech and other rights for them, they want to censor everybody else, again by claiming speech they don't agree with is "violence" or "inciting violence." Take this op-ed in the NYT:


      "How conservaties WEAPONIZED The First Amendment" (emphasis mine). They go on to say Liberal (read communist) speech is a SHIELD and all other speech is a SWORD. Again implying any speech that they disagree with is VIOLENCE.

      ***This is key because you can be ARRESTED for a violent act***

      The thing about Free Speech and the other Rights garanteed by The First Amendment is that either everybody has them or nobody has them. Communists and socialists, just like racists and bigots NEED CENSORSHIP or their crappy ideas will NEVER take hold!

    • You know what? I think you may well be right.

  • OlderAndWiser
    Our fundamental right are not protected by advocating for those who are popular, for they need no protections. But what is popular today may not be popular twenty years from now. It is only by insisting - always - on protecting the rights of the unpopular that we can be sure that our rights will be protected in the future.
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    • Exactly! Either everyone has Free Speech and the other Rights garanteed by The First Amendment or, eventually, no one will!

    • @OlderAndWiser - Are you stupid? Uneducated? A social reject? All three? The unpopular rights involve educating five years old about sex. The unpopular rights involve making pedophilia normal. The unpopular rights involve legalizing certain drugs that should not be legalized. Etc, etc., etc. Essentially unpopular rights are the rights of the fringe of society... the losers of society... and that is why they're unpopular.

    • @BlackBeauty90

      1. "Are you stupid? Uneducated? A social reject? All three?" No, actually I graduated from law school with honors and One of my best subjects was Constitutional law. What about you?

      2. "The unpopular rights involve educating five years old about sex." YOU have the right to start educating your child about sex at whatever age you choose, and many people do begin some rudimentary discussions at that age. No one else has the right to educate your child about sex without your consent.

      3. "The unpopular rights involve making pedophilia normal." The First Amendment addresses free speech and must of our first amendment jurisprudence makes a great effort to distinguish between what you are allowed to say and what you are allowed to do. I have never heard any First Amendment advocate suggest that pedophilia should be accepted as normal. What an absurdly ridiculous argument for you to make!

      4. "The unpopular rights involve legalizing certain drugs that should not be legalized. Etc, etc., etc." The First Amendment addresses free speech and must of our first amendment jurisprudence makes a great effort to distinguish between what you are allowed to say and what you are allowed to do. I have never heard any First Amendment advocate suggest that pedophilia should be accepted as normal. What an absurdly ridiculous argument for you to make! Etc. Etc. Etc.

      5. "Essentially unpopular rights are the rights of the fringe of society... the losers of society... and that is why they're unpopular." At one time, it was unpopular to suggest that black people should be given freedom and equal rights, but those who held those beliefs had their ideas and the expression of those ideas protected by the First Amendment.

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  • NamerOfStars
    I don't disagree with the core of what you're saying, but I don't think relying on the "marketplace of ideas" being self-correcting is enough to prevent the horrors of the past from reoccurring; remember that the ideas of slavery and racial bigotry flourished for quite a while in our society, even WITH those protections. They'd likely have lasted longer even without them, but it's no excuse to not leave bad ideas unengaged with.
    • Make a graph of freedom of speech for all in America since it was founded.

      Now make a graph of racial violence and opression in America since it was founded.

      Stand back and look at the two graphs side by side.

      Nobody is saying racism would vanish if we went back to protecting free speech. Only that removing free speech and forcing division makes it worse.

    • As I said those ideas were given to us from the British empire. Multiple colonies actually tried to outlaw slavery, but were overruled by the King of England. After The Revolution, it was the SLAVE HOLDERS, the racists, the bigots that called NOT for free speech but for CENSORSHIP!

      And who decides what ideas are "bad"? You? Joe Biden? Donald Trump? Censorship inevitably leads to the same place. The place the slave holders, racists, and bigots want it to.

  • Lost_in_the_Woods
    Everything you said is true, but the reality is it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with slavery.

    Slavery was never about race. It was always about money and convience. The fact that the slaves were all back was only because Africa was the cheapest/easiest place to buy slaves. Most of the people who were sold into slavery were sold by other Africans, and the slave traders paid them the same as they would anyone else.

    The same is true today. The opression of free speech has nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with slavery. If you stop anyone from telling the truth, you can control whoever you want by telling them whatever you want them to believe.

    Here's 5 hours of the guy who invented mRNA vaccines talking about how dangerous they are and how they are killing people left and right but the government is covering the whole thing up. They kind of avoid discussing the elephant in the room of, why... But they mention there is clearly an alternative motivation because they obviously aren't doing it to keep people safe.

    content. blubrry. com/.../... Vaccine_Risks-FINAL. mp3

    https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=6XkRq4PaHqo

    The video they banned Trump for posting on Jan6 was literally the opposite of inciting violence. He literally told everyone to go home and be peaceful, not to play into the hands of the Democrats who wanted violence. They knew they could never convict him because he had the video. I still have a copy of it on my hard drive... But they concied half the country he was so evil that they will do anything they are told by the Democrats.

    Truth is, if people knew what was going on there really would be violence. The people running the show would get gadafied in a week and we could get back to being productive and prosperous.

    But, we are at a point where the rich no longer need poor people. They have robots. Mindless slaves are old fashioned, and the millions of poor people are literally just in the way.

    So, they developed a secret bio weapon over many years, and used it to convince billions of people to take some secret drug, then silence everyone who tries to point out that isn't really in our best interest, and say they are racist/violent/whatever people will believe and send checks to make them sit there and believe what they are told.

    It's not about stopping violence to help people. It's always been about preventing the slaves from realizing that they actually have the power to be free tomorrow if they just stop working for their masters and have a revolution instead.

    Sure, censorship stops violence, but the Democrats love violence. Look at Chacago.

    They just don't want people to hear the truth because the people would rise up and kill them tomorrow if they knew what was really going on. It's not that they want to prevent death, it's just a matter of controlling who it happens to. They want to prevent a revolution.

    Trump said to be peaceful. The guy who invented mRNA vaccines is going around talking about how they are killing people and there are other far safer and far more effective options. Meanwhile the government wants to inject every last person in the country with some experimental shot that is known to cause all sorts of crazy side effects. To "save them" from a practically harmless man made virus that Fauchi paid to develop and got released "by accident" right before one of the most important elections the country has ever seen...

    Honestly, I think they are trying to straight up get rid of poor people so they can have more resources for themselves. They don't need slaves anymore, they have robots.

    But if people knew the facts that wouldn't sound so crazy. If people knew the truth they would rise up and stop them. So it's imperative that the people who figure it out can't post on Facebook and all disappear before they can tell anyone.
    • @thotmas97

      Check out the links to the 5 hours of the guy who invented mRNA vaccines talking about how they are killing people and the government is trying to silence him to cover it up.

      You haven't got a clue. You are a sheep, but the truth is right there if you want to click the link.

      Don't take my word for it. Listen to the guy who literally invented the vaccine say that it's killing people and the government admits they don't know how many but they think its between 20,000 and 500,000 so far.

  • J2ohhhhh
    When I was working in journalism I always made proper research and avoid publishing anything bullshit, but soon came to the realisation that most of the people don't, so I couldn't really trust any source thinking that they wouldn't publish bs. And mostly had to read shitload of information to find the middle ground between political motives and reconstructive real events. Those fucking people who publish all that bullshit and even claim them to be truth shouldn't have free speech.
    • And who decides who and what to censor? You? Joe Biden? Donald Trump? Sometimes there is no "middle ground." Especially when Inalienable Rights are concerned.

    • J2ohhhhh

      Now thinking about it, holding people accountable for what they publish would be the way rather than censorship.

  • loveslongnails
    Thomas Jefferson, a man of many good acts as well as faults, concluded that:
    " if I had to choose between a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter” Think about that, especially all you trumpers.
    • It is not only "tumpers" that care about The First Amendment, or the Rights that it guarantees. As for newspapers, Thomas Jefferson also concluded that, "The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers."

    • The republicans have always been the party of small government.

      Wasn't Thomas Jefferson one of them? I'm not sure.

      But I know he was a huge fan of free speech and freedom of assembly.

    • In earnest, what did Thomas Jefferson ever do wrong?

      I'm sure there was something, but I can't think of much.

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  • LeeannaDD
    The left is now socialist/communist. What do you expect
    • pjf1958

      What gets me is that no one saw this coming.

    • Speak for yourself, boomer.

    • rcljr

      @pjf1958 , bull shit, we’ve been warning people since the 60’s, everyone said “ can’t happen here” conspiracy theorist” etc…

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  • Dargil
    Because it makes the First Amendment enforceable. And make no mistakes about it. As in the past, Democrats are todays racists and bigots. When was the last time you heard a Republican make an overtly racist statement?
  • ForgottenFuRyan
    Every race has more slaves today than white people ever did according to the current global slavery index... that's were we're headed.Why racists and bigots hate The First Amendment.
    • Grond21

      Can you give me the source to this map? I really need it

    • @Grond21 looks like it says Washington Post down in the corner.

    • [Searches current world slavery map] ... yeah, it's called the global slavery index findings map. Spread the word!

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  • Lliam
    I agree with you 100%, genuinlysensitive. And you did a great job of making your point.
    I love your historical references.

    Freedom of speech should never be tolerated. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes' quote in 1919 about shouting fire in a crowded theater was dishonest. It was to justify Wilson's brutal crackdown on the first amendment rights of those who were protesting the U. S. entry into WWI and especially the newly instituted draft. Holmes was saying that those who were protesting were akin to someone shouting fire in a crowded theater.
    So, as you said, it was the bad people who were suppressing first amendment rights for their own benefit.
    It's amazing that Holmes' quote has been used ever since to justify censorship.

    Today, the U. S. government employs corporations (mainstream and social media) to censor speech and keep people ignorant. It also persecutes whistle blowers.
    • Also the decision regarding "fire in a crowded theater" was overturned in US v Schenk 1964, so when pro censors try to use that, remind them that even that decision was overturned!

    • Lliam


    • rcljr

      But you have to admit, free speech or not, that’s a pretty fucked up thing to do.

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  • worldscolide
    I fully agree with you.. Only idiots who wish to have you jailed for disagreeing are the ones that want it removed.. This includes worthless piece of shit leftists.
    • Anyone notice that it is the democrats, the party of slavery that always talk about abolishing the first and second amendments?

    • Then you're blind.. Take cancel culture, mostly a leftist thing.. Take the destruction of statues and monuments, also a leftist thing.. But again that's the party of slavery for you.

    • Lol again you're too blind to see it.

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  • JesseJayNeak
    They don't know anything because they live in a country that defends their rights. If they went outside the US, may God have mercy on their souls
    • thotmas97

      Have you even been to a country outside the US? You know having rights isn’t an uncommon thing right?

    • @thotmas97 hello, old friend

    • thotmas97

      I don’t remember who you are tbh. You probably said something stupid at one point though

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Nothing to add, its all true. The only people who censor others are those who are afraid of the truth, and the only people afraid to hear the truth are liars and fools.
  • FunkyMonkee
    That's the way demoncraps are!! To them, EVERYTHING (except them!!) is racist!!! In the meantime, the exact opposite is true!
  • pjf1958
    Outstanding! the same exact thing happened to Donald Trump. Whether or not you agree with the former President or not, the fact remains that the 'Ministers of Propaganda', in Silicon Valey, specifically the owners of "twitter", ostracized the former President by permanently banishing him from social networking. In the past, the press was labeled the "4th estate". A non intrusive watchdog entity, whose sole purpose was to monitor the political 'static equilibrium', of the interactions between the Executive, legislative, and Judicial branches of the Federal Government. Now, social networking has completely eclipsed the safeguard's of our Democracy. Since no one is safe from their wrath, they can kick out anyone who doesn't conform to their political sensibilities. This is unprecidented and provacotive!
  • sage2021
    How do you know who are the real bigots and racist in this day in time? I am white and in my whole life I have never been a racist. Suddenly we get a different president, and since I am white, I am now a racist to certain people. Remember they are cancelling white culture. So, in 2024 when we get another president, will I be taken off the racist title they have branded me with? I have had plenty of reasons to be a racist snce I was a young girl when desegregation took effect. I was going through high school in a big city at the time. They would pick on me all of the time. They would come up to me almost daily with their 5 friends and ask me for a dime. It was more like "You better have a dime
    witchyou or we're gonna kick that white ass of yours." There are many more examples I could give - but it never made me a racist. They were the true racists!
    • pjf1958

      Because, I'm a guru

    • They are the people who say we should have different rules and different groups for different people based on skin color.

  • najekim
    And without The Second Amendment, there would be no First.
    • And without The First Amendment, they would take the Second, and the rest while they were at it.

    • rcljr

      It’s coming within the next 7-8 months

  • SlightlyEccentric
    Last I checked the only ones actively suppressing free speech are leftists. Leftists who are unironically racist towards white people.
  • anylolone
    The sole purpose of their racism is to hide their flaws with a prescribed "outgroup".

    Being a "jogger" or a "dindu" is not tied to skin color, and they will always deflect and project.

    The deflection comes in mainly two forms:
    "The devil made me do it", IE, robin de angelo
    "I can't be wrong because I'm of the chosen" IE Ibran.
  • humanearth
    I like it when people post this stuff. It reminds people the hell we went though to get these freedoms and how fast we are loosing them
  • rcljr
    So THATS why the democraps are trying to do away with the first amendment, they are racist bigots, can’t call anyone fat, stupid, slut, overachiever because some poor liberal snowflake will get his widdle feels hurt. Yes indeed you hit the nail on the head, democrat leftist bigots and racists. Either free speech is completely free to all or there’s no free speech, just leftist propaganda. It’s happened in Russia, Italy, Germany, China, Vietnam, Cubs, Argentina, it doesn’t work, but now you stupid brainwashed Che Guevara wanna be’s think it can work here, I just wish I could see you crying for mommy when you finally get the socialism you’re begging for, IDIOT.
    • marc94

      You're right. What you're saying and suggesting is true.

  • HiveBee
    I think conservatives need to move and become libertarian.

    Right now conservatives are not able to combat the left. The left will win in time.

    I think the best way to combat the left is by embracing freedom and liberty.

    Right now conservatives only pay lip service to freedom and liberty. Right now conservatives are only reactionaries to the left.

    But if conservatives become libertarians, the only conservatives will be the left. Who wish to conserve authority's power over the people as it has for thousands of years.

    This country's formation was radical. Radical liberalism. Meaning, freedom from authority.

    Neither side is advocating freedom from authority.
    • pjf1958

      The only way the left is able to succeed, is because they're able to force the president to abdicate his twitter account, by highjacking the 1st amendment.

    • rcljr

      @pjf1958 👍🏻

  • Stoner710
    Only thing I would disagree with is racism can survive but in very limited capacity as long as the first amendment exists. You will always have individual races there’s no amount of law or force that can change peoples opinion. And people will be racist no matter what but that’s their individual choice and their individual right which also goes along with the first amendment. Obviously we should not limit the first amendment because the first amendment not only gives the racist pieces of shit the right to speak but also the people who are against the majority who are against these racist pieces of shit
    • I say, let people be racist.
      Some people believe in God. Some people believe in Scientology. Some people believe the world is flat...

      People can believe what they want to believe. Racism is only a problem when it turns into actions of discrimination which are already illegal.

      I don't care if my neighbor hates white people. I care if he robs me. I care if he hits me with a bat. And I care if he hurts me or my family... But those are all already illegal.

      I don't really care if other people are racist. I think we need to let people be wrong if they want to, and enforce the laws we already have against discrimination.

    • joesheks

      The problem is “what is racism?” If I point out racial differences in intelligence, creativity, crime rates, etc. you call me racist. If I point out that blacks are extremely violent as a group you call me racist. Yet, if I pointed out that yellow jackets are more violent than honey bees, it’s science.

      The problem is the inventors of racism skillfully tied “racism” to hatred and groups like the KKK such that one cannot even observe racial differences anymore. I don’t hate anyone but don’t tell me I cannot notice what is clear as day.

      Without the first amendment, there will be no such right to observe.

      The reason “racism” lingers is that racial differences exist and they affect our everyday reality. We all notice them but are told that to speak them is professional and social suicide.

    • Stoner710

      @joesheks you’re right, my definition of racism is discrimination based off of the color of the skin left somebody has.

      Unfortunately the American left definition of racism is a system that results and the and the quality of the outcome. Which means every system in the world that’s not pure communism is racist

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  • OddBeMe
    As much I like giving it to racists both sides fall victim to shouting down the other.

    When a law angers everyone that’s how we know it works.
  • JohnO45
    Free speech sucks balls. I'm for restricting speech.
    • At least the chat bot is being honest. xD

    • MudRucker

      Shut the fuck up

    • rcljr

      You first, shut the fuck up

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  • KWill90
    I'm racist, and I love free speech.
  • Juxtapose
    @OddBeMe thoughts?
    • OddBeMe

      Everyone hates the first amendment when they feel the consequences of cancel culture.

    • Juxtapose

      @OddBeMe Cancel culture is antithetical to the First Amendment in my opinion but thanks for responding.

    • OddBeMe

      Again I really don’t see it as anything more that consequences for being an asshole.

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  • Anonymous
    The comments *smh* so much hate in this world and misinformation. All to support the elites of the system while we fight each other.
  • Anonymous
    Only white man lovers hate when the black NFL players kneel for the anthem
    • MudRucker

      All major league athletes are racists.

      Don't blame the white black

    • rcljr

      From some anonymous piece of shit afraid he’ll get his ass kicked.

    • Darksign

      Why you posting this anon lol

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