Do guys get bothered if a girl has a lot of guy friends?

Is it such a bad thing? does it bother you if a girl has a lot of guy friends, or even if theyre not close friends but she gets along with a lot of guys and she's always talking to them (not texting or anything like that).

I work with mostly guys so i have no choice but to talk to them. they always like to mess with me and tease me about things. I have never messed around with any of them in a sexual way and i make it a point that i will joke around with them about almost anything but they must respect me. And they do. Theyve never done anything pervy. They always help me though, and some always hug me. I've hung out with some but its nothing serious.

Anyway, i work with a guy i like and I don't know if he gets bothered by that. he's fairly new so he's barely starting to see how things really are, i hope. Sometimes when i talk to other guys, he will stand there for a bit and then walk away. He won't join in. I don't know why. other times, he'll just watch. I've noticed that if i talk to someone and im not facing him, the guy im talking to will keep looking over at him. I don't know why. I don't know if he gives them looks or something. I've seen it with a few guys at work and even customers. The customers usually just start stuttering and usually stop the conversation.

the other day, another coworker and i walked to our department hugging and the guy i like saw and he said hi but didn't look too happy. He looked serious and kind of didn't want to talk to me. I forced him to talk to me and he rubbed my shoulder. He got all touchy. Also, I don't know why he should care. he's talking to other girls. Im single. And i dont sleep around like he does. Im just a sweet girl who is very likable and my coworkers love me and care about me. plus that coworker i hugged knows i like him and he tells me he has my back.

Anyway, even if nothing is going on, would it still bother you if the girl talked to a lot of guys?
Do guys get bothered if a girl has a lot of guy friends?
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